That’s right, it’s the Trapster. Sergeant Sticky strikes again.
―Spider-Man introducing the Trapster, Ultimate Spider-Man

The Trapster (real name Peter Petruski) is a super-villain that uses paste-based weapons and a member of the Frightful Four.

The Trapster was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

When Hawkeye faced Chemistro, who was guarding one of the Norn Stones, he confused Chemistro with Paste Pot Pete (Trapster's original alias).

Ultimate Spider-Man

Trapster robbed a money car, but got ambushed by Spider-Man. The Trapster tried to trap Spider-Man in a sticky glue, while in the fight he putted a tracer on Spider-Man. Spider-Man then shot a web to the hole of the gun and exploded covering Trapster in glue. After Nick Fury arrived, Trapster tried to escape, but Fury shot a pole which hit Trapster and got knocked out. Trapster then was imprisoned.

His name was mentioned by the remaining Frightful Four members as they searched for Spider-Man in Midtown High school inside the cafeteria. He was also listed by Spider-Man as one of the villains he took down.

He escaped and battled against Spider-Man and his entire team, but was defeated and recaptured. He escaped again and tried to rob a bank, but was captured after his weapon was hit by Captain America's Shield. He later mistook Flash Thompson for Spider-Man and was defeated by the real one and put in jail once again. Doctor Octopus later helped him out of prison and he freed the other three before helping capture Spider-Man in a warehouse before they escaped.

Avengers Assemble

Hawkeye is first contacted by Iron Man right after he stopped Trapster, Klaw, and Wizard from committing a robbery.

Background in other media

This is Peter Petruski's fifth animated appearance as the incarnation Trapster. Previous versions included are Fantastic Four (1978), Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Fantastic Four (1994), and The Super Hero Squad Show.

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