Trevor Cooper is the baby of the Cooper family in Disney's 2014 live-action film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Role in the film

Trevor often cries unless he has his special bumblebee pacifier. He is often taken to baby care seminars by his father, Ben, while the other parents were mothers. There, he sat his first word: "Fommy", which means father and mother. When Alexander accidentally drops the pacifier in the garbage disposal which Ben accidentally turns on, it causes him to cry for hours.

The next day, Trevor is taken to Ben's job interview about video game designing. There, he is seen eating a green highlighter and getting the ink all over his face. Later on, he feels awkward that Celia is riding in the same wrecked van as everyone else to Nagamaki, only to be making noises through his fist.

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