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Sure is a pretty piece of space lab.
―Night Guard Brayton

The Trimaxion Drone Ship is a spacecraft that appeared in the movie, Flight of the Navigator, commanded by the AI computer Max, from the planet Phaelon.


The ship is silvery chrome in color. It usually has a shell-like appearance, but when needed, it can change its shape into a somewhat arrow shape for its First Class Manuever. It is also capable of traveling underwater.

It is equipped with a faster than light drive of an undisclosed nature and time travel function, allowing Max to return samples exactly as found without a second missing in-between abduction and return. This means he does not disturb the environment he came to observe.

Disney Parks

Both of the Trimaxion Drone Ships used in production of the film were among the many props formerly displayed on the Studio Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

One of the ships would later be repainted red and repurposed into the Cool Ship, an oversized prop for a refreshment stand in Tomorrowland over at the Magic Kingdom.


  • Most of the scenes inside the ship were filmed in a warehouse one hour outside of Oslo, Norway.
  • Creating the ship's chrome outer surface was a challenge. The filmmakers employed ground-breaking reflection mapping software.


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