The Troll, is a minor antagonist in the animated/live-action Disney film Enchanted.


The Troll is first seen where Prince Edward ties him down and as Nathaniel climbs up he accidentally get his hand stuck in his' nose, after Edward leave to see Giselle, Nathaniel released the Troll so he could eat her. The Troll runs by the prince on his horse and realized his love was in danger. later at Giselle's house the Troll peeks his eye through the window which makes the animals frighten.

He chased Giselle up on a tree before Prince Edward comes to the recuse, just when the Troll was about to grab them, the tree which he had been on swings back and sends him fly in the sky.

The Troll was last seen near the end where he along with other forest animals weir waiting to get their books sighed by Pip.


  • When the Troll got catapulted off the tree, he shouted a deeper version of the Goofy holler.
  • Parts of the Troll's clothes are based on the casual outfits of several Disney Princesses: part of his loincloth is made up of the commoner outfits of Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle; while the shells on his earrings are the same as the ones from Ariel's bra.

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