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"Truth or Daring" is an episode of The Replacements.


When Todd is tired of Riley's truth telling, he gives her "truth salt" that forces her to tell the truth all the time. That's a bad idea when Dick is trying to get reelected for mayor. Meanwhile, Todd gives himself "lie spice" to make his lies 50% more believable, but too much consumption of the salt causes Todd to have uncontrollable lying. Which is also a bad idea when Todd's uncontrollable lying gets him sent to the Corps.

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The episode begins with Dick Daring talking about how he became mayor by doing a daredevil stunt that made him win a skateboarding contest. He then talks about wacky situations that involved him cutting ribbons with giant scissors. He concludes his speech by saying that those are the reasons why he's a better mayor than his assistant, who he calls a "work-aholic" because the assistant is using a typewriter and many phones at once. He then moves on to Todd.

Todd starts his speech, but he keeps claiming that he has careers/knowledge that he doesn't, causing Riley, who's filming him, to get mad and restart the take. After this happens twice, Todd gets frustrated and claims that his father is hardworking, only to have Dick fall asleep and wake up forgetting whose office he is in.

Riley, frustrated, tells Todd to stop lying and starts filming again. He points on a graph that has several male faces on it and says that statistically, Dick is the best, but Riley says that is a lie too. Todd thinks he should be allowed to lie and can't see the point of doing this while being honest. Riley tells him that lying is wrong, and Todd says he knows, but she's not convinced, reminding him that he was the one who convinced Sheldon that he was destined to be a famous American wrestler. Todd thinks that incident was funny and it's impossible to tell the truth all the time. As an example, he shows her a picture of his friend in tight pants and tells her about how he lied that he did not think the pants made him look fat. Riley says that she wishes she could tell the truth all the time and leaves. Todd mocks her, then says that maybe he knows how to grant the wish.

Back at their house, Todd finds a secret compartment in the pantry and finds panic pepper, amnesia sauce and truth salt, which is what he is looking for. He also breaks the fourth wall by saying that he saw the salt a few "episodes" ago. He also notices some lie spice which makes lies 50% more believable and takes it for himself.

Later, Riley is reciting a speech about her father being a good mayor and Dick celebrates by playing with the big scissors. Todd sprinkles some truth salt onto Riley's food. She doesn't want to eat it, and once she takes a bite, she dislikes it but doesn't want to admit it. Dick interrupts her, saying it's time to do the speech.

At the rally, Todd says that "Dad rules!" and Agent K agrees and says that chances are in Dick's favor. Then, she walks off looking dejected. A girl shows off her new outfit, asking if it's "snazzy time", but Riley, who is under the salt's affects, calls the outfit bad. Dick then does a stunt and introduces Riley as his "most articulate child". Todd thinks this is an insult to Riley and mocks her, but another boy points out that it's actually an insult to him, so he gets offended. Riley tries to read people's signs and do her speech, but due to the salt, she calls Dick "lousy". Dick is happy with the speech, but Riley feels bad and thinks she was being a bad daughter. Dick continues to talk to the crowd, but they've all left, except Sheldon.

At home, Riley's speech has made it onto the news and Dick is crying. Riley still feels guilty and Agent K is mad at her and takes her into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Dick continues to cry and is offended that his teddy bear is not talking.

In the kitchen, Agent K finds out that Riley ate truth salt and that it will wear off in a week, but not to talk to anybody during that time. Riley goes off to apologize and tells Agent K to use anti-aging cream around her eyes, which shocks her.

Riley states that, even though she actually believes her father is incompetent as a mayor, it doesn't matter because he's her dad and she will correct the situation (despite not knowing how).

In class, the teacher is talking to the class about homework and Todd has run out of other choices, so he decides to use the lie spice. He then tells his teacher that he has recently adopted a dog named Peppy who used to eat documents for the C.I.A. and was on the run from a nasty dog and now only eats documents, so she ate his homework. The students cheer, while the teacher looks confused. He then tells Todd that it's his best homework excuse and dismisses the class "forever".

In the hallway, Sheldon tells Todd that it's sad about Peppy and he wants a pet too. Todd eats more lie spice and tells him that his wrestling opponent is apparently afraid of crab walks and allergic to raspberries. Sheldon crawls off, blowing raspberries. Todd laughs. Just then, another boy walks up to Todd and calls him a loser. Todd takes more lie spice and claims that the mean boy won a prize. At first the boy is doubtful, but when Todd says, "Would I lie to you?" he is fully convinced and runs off rejoicing. Todd chuckles again and takes more lie spice.

Meanwhile, Riley is knocking on doors and telling people to vote for Dick, but isn't very successful because the first person is the opponent's wife and another person forced Riley to admit that Dick has no degrees. However, that person and the man she is with admire Riley's directness and think she should be mayor, despite the fact that Riley is a child.

On the street, Todd is approached by his teacher, who claims that Riley told him that they don't have a dog named Peppy, and the mean boy from before, who tells him that he did not really win. He bumps into an old lady who asks if he's following her, to which he falsely claims yes. Sheldon and the wrestler show up and Sheldon points out that Todd lied about the crab walk and raspberries. They surround Todd, who lies that they are selling tangelos, then he ducks into a store. He is confused because he no longer wants to lie, and then reads on the lie spice that too much may cause uncontrollable lying. He is afraid and tries to say, "This is going to be terrible!" but due to being forced to lie, says, "This is going to be great!" instead. Someone overhears him being "positive" and suggests that he join the Corps. Todd is forced to lie that he wants to and that he's eighteen, so the man signs him up, making Todd cry.

Later, Riley being a candidate has made its way onto the news, shocking Riley and making Dick sad.

Meanwhile, Todd tries to phone Fleemco while in the marine corps truck but is forced to lie and say that he doesn't want a replacement. He is made to run and do press-ups with soldiers, which he dislikes, but is forced to say he likes. accumulating further tasks until he admits to breaking which he cannot do, ironically impressing his drill Sergeant with his supposed vigor. While peeling potatoes, Agent K phones him up and Todd tries to tell her to take him home but can't due to his uncontrollable lying.

At the election, Riley does not want to be elected but is forced into saying she's qualified. The person asks the candidates what they would change about Pleasant Hills. Dick simply states that he has been potty-trained for years, his assistant says that he would change the taxes but that bores everyone to sleep, and Riley is asked if she thinks her father would make a better mayor than her. Riley says that even though she doesn't, she loves her dad and truthfully doesn't want to be voted for. They hug and everyone celebrates.

At the Corps, the Sergeant wants people to sky-dive but Todd is afraid of heights (but is forced into saying he's not). However, he is too short to sky-dive, so the Sergeant decides to take him home, but he falls out of the plane accidentally.

Todd arrives home and they watch the news. It turns out that Riley won, but because she is too young to legally be mayor, the men won in a tie. Dick celebrates, and Riley and Agent K punish Todd with truth salt. In the credits, Todd puts amnesia sauce on Dick's food, which Dick hates.



  • When Todd falls out of the plane, he says, "My pants are dry". Due to being under the effects of the lie spice, he presumably was trying to say that his pants were wet, but they were not wet when he returned home.
  • Some of the "truths" Riley told were opinions rather than objective facts.
  • The truth salt makes the person glow blue when they speak and the lie spice makes people glow orange when they speak. Both make white spots appear on the person's tongue.
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