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Tuck Everlasting is a 2002 family film based on the children's book of the same title by Natalie Babbitt published in 1975. This version was directed by Jay Russell.


The plot revolves around a 15-year-old girl named Winnie Foster, who is from a restrictive upper-class family. She runs away into the forest one day and meets a boy named Jesse Tuck, drinking from a spring. She is then kidnapped by his elder brother, Miles. She soon falls in love with Jesse and later learns that his family can't age or be injured due to drinking water from a magical spring around a hundred years ago. As the search for her continues, the Tucks decide to leave the area and invite her to join them. She is forced to decide whether to drink from the spring and live forever, or live a mortal existence. She decides that despite the love she and Jesse share, her presence will only endanger the Tucks and she chooses to stay behind. After many years, Jesse returns to the tree where the spring used to be, and it is revealed that Winnie chose not to drink from it and lived a long and charitable life.


Differences between the movie and the book

In the book... In the film...
Winnie is 10 She is 15
The book is set in 1880 The movie is set in 1914
Winnie's grandmother doesn't die She does die
Winnie's gravestone says 1870-1948 (died 78) It says 1899-1999 (died 100)
Winnie runs away because she's tired of being cooped up She runs away because she's going to be sent to a boarding school
To save Mae, Miles removes the window and Winnie switches places with Mae Winnie tells the prison guard that the people who kidnapped her are back to get her. He runs outside with a shotgun to face them. He shoots them, but runs away when he sees they cannot die. Meanwhile, Winnie grabs his keys and unlocks Mae and Angus's cell doors.
Mae is sent to the gallows Tuck and Mae are sent to the gallows
Mae and Tuck visit Winnie's grave (in 1950) Only Jesse does (in or around 2002)
Mae, Jesse, and Miles come to "kidnap" Winnie Only Miles does
Miles generally enjoys Winnie's company and is more relaxed around her. He fights for her attention with Jesse. Miles does not trust Winnie with the secret and is seen as being very bitter and angry. Because he hates his immortality, he joins various wars to try to "kill himself".
Winnie "adores" Jesse, and Jesse is very taken with her. He plans to marry her when she turns seventeen Jesse and Winnie fall in love with each other.
The Tucks disappear on a flash of lightning The Tucks escape in a carriage
Jesse gives Winnie a water bottle that has water from the spring in it and tells her to drink it when she turns seventeen Jesse does not give gives Winnie a water bottle, but she contemplates drinking from the spring after the Tucks leave
Winnie gives the water to a toad She doesn't give any to the toad
The toad appears more than 3 times The toad appears 3 times
Jesse never built a rock "Eiffel Tower" Jesse built a rock "Eiffel Tower"
Miles, Jesse, and Mae almost run over the toad when they visit Winnie's grave The toad is not seen in the final scene.
In the book Mae hits the man in the yellow suit in the back of the head In the movie Mae hits the man in the yellow suit over the head


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