Tuk Tuk is a character in Disney’s upcoming 2021 animated feature film, Raya and the Last Dragon. A half-pill bug, half-armadillo, and half-pug hybrid[2], he is Raya’s pet, with the ability to roll into a ball as a means of transportation.





  • In Thailand, a “tuk-tuk” is a vehicle used as urban transportation in cities such as Bangkok.
  • Tuk Tuk was created out of necessity, as the story required a mode of transportation for Raya. After brainstorming ideas for what could serve such a purpose in a fantasy environment, the filmmakers created a hybrid animal with the ability to curl into a ball and ride. The visual development artists later expanded on this idea to create a full-fledged character in Tuk Tuk.[2]
  • Tuk Tuk will be Alan Tudyk’s eighth consecutive role in the Disney Animated Canon.


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