Tumbleweed is a fictional mining-town from found in Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.



Tumbleweed was a mining town established by the Big Thunder Mining Company in 1880. Due to the angered spirits of the mountain they mined in, Tumbleweed fell victim to serious droughts which caused the populace to drastically decrease. Despite these incidents, company-owner Barnabas T. Bullion did not stop his operations.

At some point, a snake-oil salesman named Cumulus Isobar came to Tumbleweed as a con to advertise rain-making abilities. Isobar's plan was to extort the town of money and flee in the night only for the spirits to flood the town overnight. As a result, Cumulus became trapped in the small town

Points of Interest

  • Big Thunder Mining Company Offices:
  • The Gold Dust Saloon: A saloon run by one Mother Lode. At night time, those within can be seen partying. It also holds a Miner's Hall on its second level.
  • Dry Goods: The town's general store.
  • Dave V. Jones' Mine: A mine which is found nearby Tumbleweed in the mountain range which the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad passes through.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Tumbleweed is the setting for the company themed queue of this attraction. The town itself is seen on the ride when the train passes through and sees a resident named Cousin Elrond enjoying the flooding as Cumulus Isobar drastically tries to keep his carriage above-water.


Disneyland's Big Thunder is set in the mining-town of Rainbow Ridge but contains a reference to Tumbleweed. Namely, there is a sign identifying Rainbow Ridge as being in the same region as Tumbleweed, Thunder Mesa and Grizzly Gulch (even though the latter is located in Northern California).

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

This restaurant was revealed in the queue of the Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad into being set within the town of Tumbleweed.

Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger

Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder is set in the town of Thunder Mesa. Newspapers however state that Tumbleweed is accessible via the Rivers of the Far West and the Mark Twain Riverboat.


  • Tumbleweed takes inspiration from the unbuilt Western River Expedition planned for Frontierland. Namely in that it would have featured a draught-plagued town called Dry Gulch which would have been flooded by indigenous rainmakers.
  • In the Disney Kingdoms comic-book series, Tumbleweed was opted out for Rainbow Ridge although it still heavily features elements such as Barnabas T. Bullion and Cumulus Isobar.
  • Based on posters found in the ride's queue, it is possible that the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe is a location in Tumbleweed.
  • The Dave V. Jones mine is a gag on Davy Jones, a prominent figure from nautical folklore who is affiliated with the bottom of the sea. The reasoning for this gag is unknown.
    • It could be a play on the legend of, "The Dutchman's Gold" due to Davy Jones sometimes being affiliated with the Flying Dutchman. The Dutchman's Gold is a story cited by Tony Baxter as an inspiration behind the ride, being a story about a dutchman's secret mine which is filled with gold.
    • It might be in reference to Pirates of the Caribbean due to Tumbleweed being inspired by the Western River Expedition, a proposed ride which was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean but which was cancelled in favour of Pirates.
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