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Tummi Gummi is one of the protagonists of The Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


Tummi is an easygoing teenage Gummi, the more soft-spoken of the Gummi Glen Gummies. Like another cartoon character whom he shares his voice with (a certain orange and black striped tabby), he also has an overwhelming appreciation for food. Tummi is usually quiet and is on the tail-end of the Gummies' adventures.

Role in the series[]

When Sunni is kidnapped by Duke Igthorn in the episode "A Gummi by Any Other Name", Tummi and Grammi search the towers of Drekmore and are the second and third (after Sunni) to encounter Princess Calla. Tummi's first words to her are, "Ignore us, we're just pigments [sic] of your imagination."

When Tummi is forced to go on a diet in "The Oracle", he happens upon the interior of a stone Oracle idol (which Gummies of the past had used to trick Ogres into giving them gifts). Using this, he manages to get Duke Igthorn to believe he really is an oracle, and tricks him and his Ogres into doing embarrassing things and giving him food. When Igthorn finds out it is Tummi, he orders the Ogres to capture him and won't let him go until the idol (which is actually Zummi) commands Igthorn and the Ogres to.

Besides his love for food, Tummi has a particular love for boats. Before building his own functional boat in "My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean," he can be seen building miniature boats and ships in a bottle, in "Faster Than a Speeding Tummi". The topic gets picked up again in later episodes, such as "Gummi's At Sea" and "May the Best Princess Win".

Tummi's sensitive side is always a prominent part of him, including when he accidentally gets into the house of a blind shepherd named Trina in "What You See is Me". Tummi wants to help her because he doesn't understand that despite being blind, she could still ably take care of herself, and her enhanced hearing and quick thinking come in handy when Igthorn and his Ogres search the house for Tummi. Whether she knows or not that her new little friend is a Gummi is open to interpretation.

In the episode "Presto Gummo", Tummi also aspires to be a Gummi Magician like Zummi, and creates himself a wooden version of a Gummi Bear Medallion. Unbeknownst to Tummi, Cubbi helps make his tricks work from behind the scenes. Tummi is hurt when he finds out the truth, when he encounters Igthorn in the forest and his magic doesn't work. But he and Cubbi work together happily as a magic act (channeling Mickey Mouse's Sorcerer's Apprentice in their costumes) for the other Gummies.

Tummi also believes in ghosts and goblins, as demonstrated in "Boggling the Bears", when Sunni's adopted little friend Ditto (a wild, female boggle) hides under his blanket, disappears and reappears. The bear himself involuntarily shapeshifts in "If I Were You", when Igthorn switches bodies with him through magic in order to inconspicuously invade Gummi Glen.

The episode "Tummi Trouble" has Tummi falling madly in love with Lady Bane, again through one of Igthorn's schemes employing magic to further his own agenda. The lovestruck bear even goes so far as to be willing to betray his own kind, by delivering the Great Book of Gummi to the evil sorceress.


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