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Two More Eggs is a Disney XD animated short series. It was created by Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman (the Brothers Chaps), the creators of Homestar Runner. Matt Chapman also worked on Gravity Falls. The show originally released episodes online every Tuesday, but since season 2 new episodes are now released every two days. It started airing on Disney XD.


Dooble, and dooble, and dooblie doo!

Dooble walking down the street repeatedly saying, "Dooble, and dobble, and dooblie doo!"

The show consists of 1 to 2 minute short comedy sketches, using different kinds of animation for different shorts including CGI and flash animation. With the humor being similar to that found on the creator's previously mentioned cartoon "homestar runner". With the only recurring character so far being a small hobo named Dooble. as well as a skit about a town called "Trauncles"!


One of the residents of "Trauncles" known as Steven with a fox

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