Tyb is a minor character in Disney's 1952 movie, The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. She is the Earl of Huntingdon's servant and Maid Marian's childhood nurse/nanny.

Role in the film

At Huntingdon Manor, Tyb is first seen looking for her master, the Earl of Huntingdon's daughter, Marian to finish dressing her up for her journey with her father to Nottingham Castle in Nottingham. When the Earl asks Tyb if his daughter is ready, Tyb assures her master that she'll have her ready, making her a sight for Queen Eleanor to accept to take care of in her father's absence while he is fighting side by side with King Richard on the Crusade. So, the Earl asks her to find his daughter quickly before they leave for Nottingham.

Tyb then asks the Earl's chief verderer, Hugh Fitzooth about his son, Robin's whereabouts, thinking Marian could be with him. Lord Fitzooth assures her that his son is alone in the meadows practicing archery.

At the meadows, Tyb arrives to find Marian indeed with Robin and acting childish when lying on the ground and partially showing her garter. Tyb berates her for acting childish, stating that "a lady who is old enough to serve the Queen should be old enough to act the lady," while putting on her veil to finish dressing her up. So, Marian decides to playfully trick Tyb by pretending to speak and act ladylike, which somehow begins to shock, impress, and amaze her at the same time, same for Robin too. Then, Tyb leaves to return to Huntingdon Manor as Marian continues speaking to Robin. Tyb then calls Marian to join her. She isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.


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