Tyler Plummer is the Plummer's baby brother from the 2005 live-action comedy film The Pacifier. He is portrayed by Bo and Luke Vink.


At times, Tyler cries a lot, but he has a sense of difference. When Lulu crosses her eyes, he hates it. Wolfe at first doesn't know how to change his diaper, so he washes Tyler's bottom in the toilet. For the starting times throughout the song "Just Like You", he reads a manual as he changes Tyler's diaper, then he learns to do it without the manual.

Role in the film

Tyler first appears when Helga comes in holding him when Julie introduces them to Wolfe. Tyler spits milk on her, and Helga calls him an "evil little puke machine" in Romanian. Julie then holds Tyler while she kisses the other kids goodbye. Tyler cries as she gives him to Helga, and climbs in the car.

Tyler is seen again when Helga is holding him with his bottle in her hand. Peter throws Cheerios in Helga's face, which upsets Tyler. The next morning, Helga feeds Tyler, until Wolfe shouts, "EXCUSE ME!" to get her attention. When the kids stand up, Wolfe wraps a black watch round Tyler's ankle.

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