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Tyrone is a character who appears in Legend of the Three Caballeros. He is a large red dragon that was accidentally summoned by April, May, and June when they were at Merlin's workshop.


Tyrone is a ferocious red dragon that was accidentally summoned by April, May, and June when they were exploring Merlin's workshop. When Tyrone was summoned, he starts terrorizing the village and seeks the Grail of Immortality to gain immortal power. However, it is later found out that the dragon can be destroyed by simply throwing the scroll which summoned the dragon at the first place into the fireplace, which suddenly destroys the dragon.

Role in the series

In "Thanks a Camelot", April, May, and June explore Merlin's workshop where they find a scroll depicting an image of a dragon where it instructs users how to summon a dragon. Saying the magic words, the spell was successful as a dragon is successfully summoned. Seeing the dragon, the nieces feel worried that summoning a dragon is a bad idea as the dragon could cause havoc in Camelot, much to Merlin being too busy playing the game on June's smartphone.

Later, Tyrone appears and starts terrorizing Camelot and finally finding some actions, Xandra tasks Arthur to fight the dragon for victory. Arthur asks the Knights of the Round Table to join in, but they refuse to thinking he betrayed them. Arthur explains to Xandra and the Caballeros that this dragon can sniff out his most prized possession, the Grail of Immortality, warning that if the dragon consumes the Grail, it will destroy Camelot forever. Back at Merlin's workshop, April, May, and June tell Merlin to stop playing and defeat Tyrone to which Merlin explains that he beat the dragon in the last level, much to Merlin himself not helping the nieces finding a way to undo the spell that summoned Tyrone at the first place.

Tyrone continues to terrorize Camelot where the Caballeros, Xandra, and Arthur hide behind a kiosk full of Arthur's merchandise to which the kiosk is set on fire. Arthur then finally plans to fight the dragon the old way. While facing the dragon, Xandra tries to save Arthur from being burned but in fact it is a cardboard cutout of Arthur which is broken and damaged by the dragon's fire. As Tyrone seeks for the Grail of Immortality inside the castle, Xandra tells Arthur to give her allies swords to help fight against the dragon. Back at Merlin's workshop, April, May, and June are attempting to find the dragon scroll in a plan to undo the spell, but they are having trouble finding it. Later, Arthur then shows the Caballeros the hall of weapons where they would get something to fight the dragon to which Panchito, José, and Donald grab weapons to ready themselves while Xandra brought her bow to help fight the dragon with courage. Suddenly at the throne room where the Grail is at, Tyrone bursts in and attempts to consume the Grail to which Xandra and the Caballeros arrive and prepare to fight the dragon but are having trouble defeating it just as Xandra asks Arthur to find real help.

Back at Merlin's workshop, April, May, and June are still having trouble finding the dragon scroll to which they still couldn't find the correct scroll to undo the spell. Later at Arthur's throne room, Xandra and Arthur continue fighting Tyrone in a combat inside the room with the Grail. Tyrone then corners Xandra, Arthur, and the Caballeros, but the Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors, decide to help their king alongside Xandra and the Caballeros. Back with April, May, and June, they finally find the dragon scroll but cannot find ways to undo the spell. Seeing a fireplace, it is found out that the scroll can be destroyed by placing it into the fire. April then throws the scroll into the fire. As the dragon prepares to strike, it suddenly gets destroyed, thanks to April who threw the scroll required to summon the dragon into the fireplace. With the dragon destroyed, everyone in Camelot celebrates their victory in defeating the dragon and protecting the Grail.

In "Sheldgoose Square Dance", Tyrone is summoned during the final battle where he blocks the Caballeros and Xandra from entering the Summoning Chamber. Noticing the dragon getting closer, Xandra summons the Moai Commander who then leaps on Tyrone just as Xandra and the Caballeros proceed to the Summoning Chamber. Later when Felldrake prepares for a new age of darkness, Tyrone and the reinforcements summoned during the final battle are sent back to their respective homes. Even after the final battle has ended, it is likely that Tyrone is erased again, undoing all the evil that Sheldgoose has done.


  • Tyrone is the only enemy summoned in "Sheldgoose Square Dance" that was not summoned by Sheldgoose himself in his first appearance, since in "Thanks a Camelot", Sheldgoose was not present during the moment where Xandra and the Caballeros are at Camelot as Tyrone was accidentally summoned by April, May, and June in that episode.
  • Prior to his proper appearance in "Thanks a Camelot", Tyrone can be briefly seen in the prologue sequence in the first episode, "Dope-a Cabana".
  • Tyrone is prominently featured in the series' intro.

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