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This article is about the 2010 character. For the 1951 animated character, see Dodo.

Uilleam is a character Tim Burton's 2010 film, Alice in Wonderland.

Role in the film[]

Uilleam has a very minor role in the film. He is one of the Underland residents that tries to determine whether the White Rabbit indeed found the right Alice. But in the chaos of the attack by the Red Queen's forces, he is one of the characters captured and only appears briefly in the court of the Red Queen afterwards. It is unknown what happened to Uilleam afterwards, even after the Mad Hatter tells all of the people working for the Red Queen in a plan to fight against her for her betrayal.


  • Uilleam is the last character to be played by Michael Gough. Gough died of pneumonia and prostrate cancer at the old age of 94 in 2011, a year after Alice in Wonderland was released.
  • The English Audio Description for Alice in Wonderland (included in the UK home release of the film) describes Uilleam having a plump ostrich-like body. In real life despite both of the species being flightless birds, ostriches and dodos both belong to a different group of flightless birds.
  • While Uilleam hasn't made a confirmed appearance in Alice Through the Looking Glass, other dodos like him appeared in the past on the day of the White and Red Queens' coronation.


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