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The following episodes of the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. The series premiered on Disney XD on April 1, 2012 alongside The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes during the all-new Marvel Universe block, and came to an end on January 7, 2017.

The series is loosely based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series, and contains mostly original story material. Influences from the Marvel live-action movies are also noticeable, especially the introduction of Phil Coulson as a recurring character. The third season has been subtitled Web-Warriors. It first aired in India and then in US. The third season also introduced the Spider-Verse arc. The show was renewed for a fourth and final season, which was retitled Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 April 1, 2012 October 28, 2012
2 26 January 21, 2013 November 10, 2013
3 26 August 31, 2014 October 24, 2015
4 26 February 21, 2016 January 4, 2017
Total Series premiere Series finale
1-4 104 April 1, 2012 January 4, 2017

Season One (2012)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Airdate
01 01 "Great Power" (Part 1) April 1, 2012
High school student Peter Parker has been fighting crime in New York City as the masked vigilante Spider-Man for one year. Nick Fury, director of international peace-keeping agency S.H.I.E.L.D., approaches him with an offer to train with S.H.I.E.L.D. and become part of a new superhero team that is being assembled. Spider-Man at first declines the offer, but after his school, Midtown High, is attacked by the Frightful Four, he starts to wonder if he really should have declined.
02 02 "Great Responsibility" (Part 2) April 1, 2012
Spider-Man accepts Nick Fury's offer to train with S.H.I.E.L.D., and is put together with four other teenage superheroes: Nova, White Tiger, Power Man and Iron Fist. Doctor Octopus sends the Frightful Four after Spider-Man again, and while Spider-Man doesn't initially get on with his new teammates, he has to learn to work alongside them to defeat the Frightful Four.
03 03 "Doomed" April 8, 2012
A childish argument between Spider-Man and Nova gets their entire team grounded. To prove themselves to Fury, the super-youths go through S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database of the most wanted supervillains to see who they can defeat and apprehend in order to impress Nick Fury. When the choices Batroc the Leaper, Blizzard, Melter, MODOK, Toad, Whirlwind and Lady Porcupine prove unpopular, Spider-Man and his team go to Latveria to track down Doctor Doom. The young heroes capture Doom, but things take a turn for the worst when Doctor Doom tricks the team into taking one of his Doombots aboard the Helicarrier.
04 04 "Venom" April 15, 2012
Using DNA from a sample of Spider-Man's blood, Doctor Octopus creates an artificial, symbiotic life form named Venom. Driven by its desire to bond with Peter, the creature escapes from the laboratory, tracks him down to a house party and wreaks havoc, jumping from host to host and possessing each of Peter's teammates. At the end, Harry Osborn finds a sample of the venom and trains it.
05 05 "Flight of the Iron Spider" April 22, 2012
After a fight with the Living Laser, Spider-Man meets Iron Man, a superhero he idolises. Impressed by Spider-Man's scientific knowledge, Iron Man builds him a high-tech armour suit called the Iron Spider, which is equipped with an array of powerful weaponry. Despite lacking the necessary skills and having no control over the suit's functions, Spider-Man becomes increasingly smug about his new equipment, which puts a strain on his relationship with the team.
06 06 "Why I Hate Gym" April 29, 2012
Taskmaster goes undercover and infiltrates Peter's school to seek out Spider-Man. Spider-Man and White Tiger must put their differences aside and find a way to defeat an opponent who can mimic all of their physical abilities.
07 07 "Exclusive" May 6, 2012
Spider-Man agrees to a video interview with aspiring news reporter Mary Jane Watson, but the interview is interrupted when the Incredible Hulk appears in Manhattan and goes on a destructive rampage. Mary Jane continues to film as Spider-Man tries to stop the Hulk, but unbeknownst to either of them, something much more dangerous is hiding out of sight.
08 08 "Back in Black" May 13, 2012
A mysterious new superhero dressed in black and with similar abilities to Spider-Man appears in New York, and attracts positive public attention. Peter suspects the new hero to be Venom, but his teammates dismiss his suspicions as jealousy. Peter then discovers the hero's true identity, his friend Harry Osborn, bonded with the Venom symbiote, and he tries to persuade Harry to get rid of it before it corrupts his mind and turns him evil.
09 09 "Field Trip" May 20, 2012
During a school field trip to a museum, Danny translates the engraving on an ancient Norse rune stone and accidentally summons a Frost Giant. The Norse thunder god Thor arrives to aid Spider-Man's team, but magic from a medallion around the Giant's neck turns Thor into a talking frog. The team follow Thor to Asgard, where the power-hungry Loki is working with the Frost Giants to seize the Asgardian throne.
10 10 "Freaky" June 17, 2012
After Spider-Man and Wolverine apprehend the mutant Mesmero, the vengeful supervillain uses his mental powers to switch their minds, creating a serious identity problem for the two so different heroes when Sabretooth comes to town.
11 11 "Venomous" June 24, 2012
Venom resurfaces, again using Harry as his host, this time targeting Harry's neglectful father, Norman. While Norman does not want his potential secret weapon damaged, Spider-Man is confronted with the dilemma of choosing between helping Harry on his own or putting his trust in his teammates, who have orders from Fury to finish Venom off.
12 12 "Me Time" July 1, 2012
After a fight with Whirlwind, Spider-Man insists on a weekend off from Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Doctor Octopus chooses this very time to attack Spider-Man when his job is threatened by Norman Osborn.
13 13 "Strange" July 8, 2012
The population of New York is plunged into a mysterious sleep, but Iron Fist manages to keep both himself and Spider-Man awake with chi energy. They seek the help of sorcerer Doctor Strange, and he explains the spell is the work of the demon Nightmare. To break the spell, the heroes have to enter the Dream Dimension and defeat Nightmare, facing the physical manifestations of their deepest fears and insecurities in the process.
14 14 "Awesome" July 15, 2012
Peter Parker struggles to split his attention between completing his science fair project with Luke Cage and combatting Juggernaut. In his desperation concerning the former, he decides to "borrow" one of Dr. Connors's inventions, which becomes an (quite literally) even bigger threat to the city.
15 15 "For Your Eye Only" July 22, 2012
The Helicarrier is commandeered by Zodiac, an elite criminal organization, who imprison Nick Fury, hack into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database and set the ship to self-destruct. Spider-Man is left as the only person who can save Fury and stop Zodiac before they obtain valuable data and the ship self-destructs over New York City.
16 16 "Beetle Mania" July 29, 2012
Spider-Man's harshest critic, outspoken news magnate J. Jonah Jameson, is targeted by the Beetle, a villain equipped with an array of high-tech weaponry. Much to Peter's annoyance, Fury tasks the team with guarding the Daily Bugle building, but when Mary Jane tells Peter she is meeting Jameson for a job interview, he tries to stop her entering the building in case the Beetle attacks.
17 17 "Snow Day" August 5, 2012
Agent Coulson orders Spider-Man and his team to report to a S.H.I.E.L.D. Arctic base for winter survival training. They instead go against their orders and sneak off to a deserted tropical island for a vacation. However, while the island seems like a beautiful paradise, something sinister is lurking in the sand, and does not want its new "play-mates" to leave again.
18 18 "Damage" August 19, 2012
Spider-Man's team fight the Wrecking Crew, but they end up unintentionally causing massive amounts of property damage. Fury assigns them to clean up their mess by working alongside Damage Control, a clean-up company that specializes in clearing collateral damage caused by superheroes. Spider-Man is frustrated by this seemingly boring assignment, but he begins to suspect criminal activity within Damage Control when he notices their CEO Mac Porter acting suspiciously.
19 19 "Home Sick Hulk" September 9, 2012
After Hulk falls sick with an alien infection caused by the Phalanx, Spider-Man, who fears that S.H.I.E.L.D. will lock the Hulk away rather than help him, tries to hide him at his house from the Phalanx, Nick Fury and Aunt May.
20 20 "Run Pig Run" September 16, 2012
Loki gets revenge on Spider-Man by turning him into a pig using an enchanted hot dog. With the help of Thor and the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. force, "Peter Porker" must survive an Asgardian boar hunt across New York City.
21 21 "I Am Spider-Man" September 23, 2012
Peter Parker is shocked to discover that Midtown High is putting on a Spider-Man musical starring Flash Thompson as Spider-Man. The matter becomes dangerous when Trapster mistakes Flash for the real Spider-Man.
22 22 "The Iron Octopus" September 30, 2012
Doctor Octopus hacks into Iron Man's armours and sends one to kill Norman Osborn. While Norman blames Iron Man for the attack and threatens legal action, Spider-Man recovers a tentacle from an Octo-Bot and learns more about Doctor Octopus' history with both Oscorp, Doctor Connors and Norman himself. Doctor Octopus then attacks the Helicarrier in an arc reactor-powered suit of armor, created from a replica of Tony Stark's own arc reactor, and abducts Norman and Harry, so Spider-Man dons the Iron Spider suit to save them.
23 23 "Not a Toy" October 7, 2012
Spider-Man's team is having a friendly training session with Captain America on board the Helicarrier. While handling Captain America's shield, Spider-Man accidentally throws it out of the window, and it lands in Latveria's New York embassy, where it is found by Doctor Doom. Spider-Man and Captain America try to sneak into the embassy and retrieve the shield before Doctor Doom has a chance to exploit it for his own nefarious purposes.
24 24 "Attack of the Beetle" October 14, 2012
To Peter's horror and jealousy, Aunt May and Coulson have become close and decide to go on a dinner date. Peter's plans to crash the party, however, are dashed by an appearance by the Beetle, who has an old grudge with Coulson.
25 25 "Revealed" (Part 1) October 28, 2012
Doctor Octopus captures Spider-Man and takes more blood samples for his experiments. Norman Osborn reveals himself to be the true mastermind behind all of Doctor Octopus' schemes, and he plans to create an unstoppable army from Spider-Man's DNA. Doctor Octopus is angry at Norman for treating him unfairly, so he takes revenge by injecting him with a mixture of DNA from both Spider-Man and Venom, mutating him into a green-skinned monster and a monstrous new foe; the Green Goblin.
26 26 "Rise of the Goblin" (Part 2) October 28, 2012
The Green Goblin attacks Midtown High, so Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. escort Harry onto the Helicarrier for his own protection. The Goblin tracks the Helicarrier down, launches an assault and sends it crashing into the sea. As the ship sinks, Spider-Man tries to save Harry and convince him that his father has become evil, but the Goblin manipulates Harry into calling out the Venom symbiote and teaming up with him to destroy Spider-Man.

Season Two (2013)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Airdate
27 01 "The Lizard" January 21, 2013
Spider-Man's team investigate Doctor Octopus' newest hideout, and confiscate a case containing several vials of formula made from DNA of different animals. S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist Curt Connors injects himself with formula containing lizard DNA, and while it successfully restores his arm, it eventually turns him into an irrational reptilian monster.
28 02 "Electro" January 21, 2013
Electro, a villain with the power to manipulate electricity, takes control of every electrical device in New York and causes a mass blackout. Left unable to contact S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man and his team have to learn to cooperate with each other and defeat Electro without the aid of technology.
29 03 "The Rhino" January 27, 2013
Spider-Man and Power Man come into conflict with the Rhino, an immensely strong rhinoceros-themed villain, who tries to steal from Oscorp's chemical shipments. At school, Peter and Luke notice Flash Thompson is bullying a shy, nerdy classmate named Alex, but they soon discover Alex's shocking connection to the Rhino and the lengths he will go to in order to get revenge on Flash.
30 04 "Kraven the Hunter" February 3, 2013
Ava is being haunted by memories of her past and struggles to maintain control over her White Tiger amulet, becoming more aggressive and feral during training sessions. Spider-Man tries to find a way to help her, but the whole team is put in danger when Kraven the Hunter, the obsessive great white hunter who killed Ava's father, appears in New York to claim the amulet's power for himself.
31 05 "Hawkeye" February 10, 2013
The Beetle attacks the construction site of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Helicarrier. Nick Fury orders Spider-Man and Hawkeye to apprehend him, but in their pursuit an explosion damages one of Spider-Man's web shooters, causing highly adhesive web fluid to leak onto Hawkeye's arm and leaving them stuck together. Spider-Man and Hawkeye must learn to put aside their differences and work together to defeat the Beetle.
32 06 "The Sinister Six" February 17, 2013
Doctor Octopus assembles Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter and Beetle to lure Spider-Man to his underwater laboratory underneath the Hudson River by using Dr. Connors as bait. Things get worse for Spider-Man when Doctor Octopus forcefully transforms Dr. Connors into Lizard to complete his Sinister Six. Spider-Man tries to evade the six villains and escape from the base so he can call his team for back-up.
33 07 "Spidah-Man!" March 24, 2013
Just when Spider-Man's life in New York has reached a new all-time low when J. Jonah Jameson puts out a bounty for his unmasking, he is invited by the Mayor of Boston to become the town's resident superhero and tourism mascot. Not long after that, however, Spider-Man has to contend with the Steel Spider and a group of armored supervillains called the Boston Terroriers.
34 08 "Carnage" March 31, 2013
Peter contemplates telling Harry about his dual-life as Spider-Man, and warning him that the Green Goblin could be targeting him. The Goblin abducts Peter and forces him to bond with an improved version of the Venom symbiote, which he refers to as "Carnage". When Carnage attacks Harry's apartment, Harry takes control of the symbiote, becomes Venom and sets out to bring down the Green Goblin once and for all.
35 09 "House Arrest" April 7, 2013
Spider-Man's team prepares to house a surprise party at Peter's and Aunt May's home. However, an attempt by Nova to shut down the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. security installations for some privacy makes the system go crazy, while Spider-Man must also come to terms with his teammates' status as fellow houseboarders.
36 10 "The Man-Wolf" April 14, 2013
S.H.I.E.L.D. launch their new ship, the Tri-Carrier, which is able to split into three separate ships for different situations. For its first mission, the "Astro-Carrier" segment travels to the moon in response to a distress signal from astronaut John Jameson, who is part of a team building a lunar satellite. When Spider-Man's team find John, they are faced with a bizarre threat connected to an ancient alien gem stone.
37 11 "Swarm" June 9, 2013
Spider-Man invents the Spider-Tracer, a high-tech tracking device he plans to plant on fleeing villains. He upgrades the Tracer with technology from Stark Industries without Tony Stark's permission, accidentally giving it the ability to produce multiple copies of itself. Disgruntled Stark Industries scientist Michael Tan uses a machine of his invention to separate his own atoms and his consciousness takes control of the Spider-Tracers, creating a living swarm driven by hatred towards Tony Stark.
38 12 "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" June 9, 2013
While looking for Thor missing in action, Spider-Man's team is shrunk into super-deformed versions of their own selves by one of Loki's tricks. Nick Fury has Spider-Man's team placed in the Helicarrier's D.A.Y.C.A.R.E. area, but with Thor also having been shrunk, Spider-Man's team must find a way to help Thor fight Loki and the Destroyer Armor and return to normal size.
39 13 "Journey of the Iron Fist" June 16, 2013
After being attacked by a mysterious assassin, Danny is called back to K'un-L'un by the Elder Monk and Spider-Man accompanies him. He has to take part in a contest to determine the future king of K'un-L'un, but as poison from the assassin's blade temporarily blinds him, Spider-Man has to take his place in the contest and compete against a highly skilled yet arrogant warrior known as the Scorpion.
40 14 "The Incredible Spider-Hulk" June 23, 2013
During a S.H.I.E.L.D. experiment to tame the Hulk's rage, Mesmero escapes with a vengeance, exchanging Spider-Man's and Hulk's minds for another bout of vicious fun. This dilemma is severely aggravated when the Thing, thinking the "Hulk" is on a rampage, also joins the fray.
41 15 "Stan By Me" July 7, 2013
One dark night, the Lizard attacks Midtown High, with Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Harry and Stan the Janitor inside. Cut off from S.H.I.E.L.D. support, Spider-Man and Stan (who begins to demonstrate unrevealed qualities) must team up to take down the Lizard.
42 16 "Ultimate Deadpool" July 14, 2013
Taskmaster steals a digital file containing the secret identities of every superhero who works with S.H.I.E.L.D., including those of Spider-Man and his teammates. Frustrated by a recent string of misfortune and his demanding S.H.I.E.L.D. training schedule, Spider-Man accompanies Deadpool on his mission to retrieve the file, but he soon starts to realize Deadpool is not a true hero.
43 17 "Venom Bomb" July 21, 2013
The Green Goblin is apprehended by Spider-Man's team and imprisoned on board the Tri-Carrier. He lets the Venom symbiote loose on the ship, and it separates into multiple symbiotes which take control of the crew, creating an army of Venoms. When the Goblin escapes from his cell and bonds with the original symbiote, Spider-Man has to form an uneasy alliance with Doctor Octopus to devise a serum that will turn the Goblin back into Norman Osborn.
44 18 "Guardians of the Galaxy" July 28, 2013
Spider-Man goes on a deep space adventure to save Earth from Korvac and the Chitauri.
45 19 "The Parent Trap" August 4, 2013
Spider-Man and Power Man infiltrate Zodiac's base to discover what happened to Power Man's parents.
46 20 "Game Over" September 29, 2013
When Arcade plans to launch nuclear missiles to cause World War III, Spider-Man teams up with Captain America and Wolverine where they end up in Arcade's Murderworld located in Madripoor.
47 21 "Blade" (Part 1) October 5, 2013
On Halloween night, Spider-Man's team are tasked with delivering a half of Tekamentep's Ankh to skilled vampire hunter Blade. They are attacked by an army of vampires sent by the vampire king Dracula, who wants to use the Ankh's power to render himself immune to vampire weaknesses such as sunlight. Once the Ankh is safe, Fury sends the team and Blade to retrieve the second half from storage in a museum before Dracula can get to it.
48 22 "The Howling Commandos" (Part 2) October 5, 2013
Dracula has obtained both halves of Tekamentep's Ankh and has most of Spider-Man's team under mind control. In order to stop him activating the Ankh before sunrise, Spider-Man and Blade join forces with Nick Fury's Howling Commandos (a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force consisting of various heroic monsters) and travel to Dracula's castle in Transylvania to retrieve the Ankh.
49 23 "Second Chance Hero" October 20, 2013
Spider-Man forms an unlikely partnership with a cured Norman Osborn in the Iron Patriot armor when Doctor Octopus attacks with a Spider-Soldier army.
50 24 "Sandman Returns" October 27, 2013
Spider-Man tries to help the Sandman become a hero, but soon finds out that his new friend fights old instincts.
51 25 "Return of the Sinister Six" (Part 1) November 3, 2013
Doctor Octopus and the Lizard break in to Ryker's Island, and free Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, and Scorpion, equipping each of them with battle armor made from stolen Oscorp technology. Spider-Man's team and the Iron Patriot fight the Sinister Six, and while Spider-Man is determined to inject the Lizard with a formula that will make him human again, Doctor Octopus plans to turn Norman back into the Green Goblin.
52 26 "Ultimate" (Part 2) November 10, 2013
Following the fight with the Sinister Six, Norman Osborn has been transformed into Green Goblin again and has captured Spider-Man's team. Green Goblin has transformed his friends and plans to use the old Helicarrier to gas New York City. But using Dr. Connors' serum, Spider-Man transforms his team back and defeats the Green Goblin. Because of his performance, he is offered a place in the Avengers.

Season Three: Web Warriors (2014-2015)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Airdate
53 01 "The Avenging Spider-Man" (Part 1) August 31, 2014
Loki joins forces with Doctor Octopus to destroy the Avengers and their newest member, Spider-Man, by body swapping with Peter so it seems Spider-Man is destroying New York and summoning monsters from different dimensions and 'venomising' them. But their minds back to their original bodies, things much worse for Spider-Man will be made.
54 02 "The Avenging Spider-Man" (Part 2) August 31, 2014
After a case of mistaken identity caused by Loki and Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man must convince his old team that he's the real Spider-Man before he is destroyed by the Avengers and before Loki's plot is furthered.
55 03 "Agent Venom" September 7, 2014
While trying to become a crime fighter following Spider-Man's fight with a Venom-possessed Scorpion, Flash Thompson gets permanently bonded with Venom. It's up to Spider-Man to rescue his one-time school bully from the attentions of Beetle and Taskmaster. In the end, Nick Fury decides to give Spider-Man his list of teenaged superheroes.
56 04 "Cloak and Dagger" September 14, 2014
Spider-Man wants to recruit Cloak and Dagger as new warriors for the new S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Complicating the matter however are Dormammu taking control of Cloak and Doctor Strange in an attempt to invade Earth, and Cloak and Dagger's own trust issues.
57 05 "The Next Iron Spider" September 21, 2014
Science genius Amadeus Cho proves perfect to operate the Iron Spider armor. The only trouble is he's Peter Parker's class rival. However, when Taskmaster attempts to take the armor himself, Spider-Man and Cho must work together.
58 06 "The Vulture" September 28, 2014
A mysterious thief known as Vulture has been causing trouble. Spider-Man decides to track him down, and discovers that he's a young man who has trouble remembering his past.
59 07 "The Savage Spider-Man" October 7, 2014
Spider-Man travels to the Savage Land with Wolverine to find Ka-Zar. Things become complicated as a result of a plan hatched by Taskmaster and Kraven the Hunter, who seek Ka-Zar and Zabu for their individual purposes.
60 08 "Halloween Night at the Museum" October 10, 2014
In an animated crossover with Jessie, Jessie Prescott, Emma Ross, Luke Ross, Ravi Ross, and Zuri Ross visit a museum on Halloween. Jessie finds a medieval sword coveted by Morgan le Fay while unknowingly freeing her from her imprisonment. Jessie and Spider-Man work to save Halloween and the world from the evil plans of le Fay's and henchman Jack O'Lantern.
61 09 "New Warriors" October 14, 2014
Spider-Man realizes he has inspired a whole new generation of aspiring super-heroes and wants to encourage them to have S.H.I.E.L.D. training and form a new team called the New Warriors. However, Taskmaster and his Thunderbolts, which include Cloak and Dagger stage a surprise attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier and the New Warriors must face their first trial by fire when they strive to prevent a breakout of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Beetle and Scorpion while Spider-Man tries to convince Cloak and Dagger to join the team.
62 10 "Nightmare on Christmas" December 3, 2014
After a fight with Shocker and falling from a building unconscious, Spider-Man sees what the world would be like without him when Nightmare takes him on a journey through his past, present, and future. After experiencing each one, Spider-Man must fight Nightmare to get out of this nightmare and learn the meaning of being a hero who needs it most.
63 11 "The Spider-Verse" (Part 1) March 5, 2015
Spider-Man learns that the Green Goblin is planning to travel across the Multiverse using the Siege Perilous he stole from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the energy of Electro to collect the DNA of other Spider-Men. Spider-Man follows his enemy to the futuristic world of Marvel 2099 and helps boost the confidence of Spider-Man 2099. Then he travels to a gender-swapped universe and teams up with Spider-Girl to defeat their world's versions of the Green Goblin.
64 12 "The Spider-Verse" (Part 2) March 12, 2015
Spider-Man continues following Green Goblin across the Multiverse to stop him from collecting Spider-Men DNA. He travels to 1930s world of Marvel Noir and helps Spider-Man Noir to renew his friendship with Mary Jane. Then, he ends up on an alternate world of Earth-8311 and helps Peter Porker regain his will to become Spider-Ham again.
65 13 "The Spider-Verse" (Part 3) March 19, 2015
As Spider-Man continues chasing Green Goblin across the Multiverse, he lands in a medieval-based world where he helps Spyder-Knight take down the Alchemist and his Kraken creation to save York. Then, his last stop before heading back home is Earth-1610 where he helps Miles Morales overcome the guilt of being unable to save his world's Peter Parker from death and fight the Earth-1610 version of Green Goblin.
66 14 "The Spider-Verse" (Part 4) March 26, 2015
After Spider-Man finally ends up back in his own universe, he finds Green Goblin has injected himself with the Spider-Men DNA from all the universes to become the Spider-Goblin. With Electro's help from the Siege Perilous, he summons all the Spider-Men dubbed Web-Warriors to battle the Spider-Goblin and save New York even when Electro plans to destroy it.
67 15 "The Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy" July 6, 2014
The Guardians of the Galaxy land on Earth to repair their ship at the same time ex-Nova Corps member Titus leads the Chitauri into targeting Nova's helmet. Now Spider-Man and Nova must work with the Guardians of the Galaxy to defeat Titus and the Chitauri.
68 16 "S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy" July 7, 2015
Spider-Man's education at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy begins under the supervision of Robert Frank, but it might be cut seriously short when a long-dormant villain named Arnim Zola wakes up from hibernation and sets out to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D.
69 17 "Rampaging Rhino" July 14, 2015
When Rhino learns that his archenemy Flash has become a hero, he starts a bitter rampage through New York. Now Spider-Man and Hulk are the last line of defense to stand between those two rivals.
70 18 "Ant-Man" July 21, 2015
Spider-Man and Ant-Man must shrink down to miniature size in a special submarine to rid Nick Fury's body of nanobots implanted by Doctor Octopus.
71 19 "Burrito Run" July 28, 2015
Craving Mexican food following an entire day training with Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Power Man, and Squirrel Girl sneak out of the Triskelion after hours for late-night burritos. Along the way, they must contend with Mesmero's plot to use the cellular network to brainwash everyone like he did with Batroc the Leaper, Boomerang, Grizzly, and Shocker.
72 20 "Inhumanity" August 4, 2015
After defeating Molten Man, Spider-Man is the only one prepared to support Triton of the Inhumans as he returns to his home city to stop his people from attacking and save New York from a war between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans. Spider-Man and Triton find that Maximus has mind-controlled the Inhuman Royal Family members Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, and Lockjaw into serving him.
73 21 "Attack of the Synthezoids" (Part 1) September 19, 2015
Arnim Zola resurfaces and has replaced Spider-Man's fellow students and the S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel in the Triskelion with Synthezoid versions of them.
74 22 "The Revenge of Arnim Zola" (Part 2) September 26, 2015
While freeing his classmates, Spider-Man is captured by Arnim Zola and made the unwilling subject of a mind transfer. His only remaining allies Agent Venom and Rhino must finally put aside their differences to help Spider-Man and their teammates escape Zola's clutches.
75 23 "Contest of Champions" (Part 1) October 3, 2015
Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. battle their greatest foes for the fate of the planet. Spider-Man is chosen to be the chief game piece of the Collector against the Grandmaster who seeks to submit the Earth and once again humiliate his brother.
76 24 "Contest of Champions" (Part 2) October 10, 2015
Spider-Man is partnered with Captain America, Red Hulk, and Iron Fist in a game of capture the flag against Sandman, Blastaar and Ymir. Then Spider-Man is partnered with Power Man, Black Widow, and Skaar against Doctor Octopus, Absorbing Man, and Zzzax in a game of last team standing but things become a problem when the Grandmaster starts changing the environment of the game.
77 25 "Contest of Champions" (Part 3) October 17, 2015
Spider-Man teams up with Iron Spider, Agent Venom and Thor against Terrax, Attuma and Annihilus in a fight within the subway. Then Spider-Man uses Life Model Decoys to distract Grandmaster so he, Iron Spider and Agent Venom can board Grandmaster's ship to save the hostages.
78 26 "Contest of Champions" (Part 4) October 24, 2015
The Grandmaster has won the Contest of Champions, but Spider-Man asks for a winner-take-all rematch, in which the Collector must play the most crucial part of all.

Season Four: Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6 (2016-2017)

On June 1, 2015, it was announced that the series has been renewed for a fourth season, which will be called Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6.

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Airdate
79-80 01-02 "Hydra Attacks" February 21, 2016
Peter Parker learns Doctor Octopus has teamed up with Arnim Zola and Hydra to attack the Tri-Carrier, leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. caught off-guard and Spider-Man left to single-handedly stop the assault. He assembles a new team, including an apprehensive Scarlet Spider, in order to stop the villains from taking over New York.
81 03 "Miles From Home" February 28, 2016
After learning that Norman Osborn injected himself with an Anti-Goblin serum to prevent further transformations into Green Goblin following the last encounter, Doctor Octopus teams up with Baron Mordo and uses the Siege Perilous to pull the Ultimate Green Goblin from Miles Morales' universe into theirs so that HYDRA can be his master. Now Spider-Man and Miles have to work together with Doctor Strange to keep the demonic Goblin from using the Siege Perilous to destroy reality.
82 04 "Iron Vulture" March 6, 2016
With the Siege Perilous destroyed in the aftermath of the fight with the Ultimate Green Goblin, Miles Morales is forced to stay in Spider-Man's reality until S.H.I.E.L.D. can find a way to get him and his world's Goblin back to their home. Now dubbed Kid Arachnid, he and Spider-Man must help Norman Osborn when he is targeted by Doctor Octopus and Vulture.
83 05 "Lizards" March 13, 2016
After Spider-Man and the Web Warriors are told by Vulture that there is a spy among the other heroes, he and the Web Warriors work to find out who it is while Nova and Nick Fury are away on a secret mission. They test out the new training area that was designed by Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, only to discover that the robots were sabotaged. Dr. Connors once again becomes Lizard and now sports a contagious bite that turns others into lizards. When everyone ends up infected, it's up to Spider-Man to stop the Lizard and cure everyone before the infection spreads out of the Triskelion. In the end, Rhino is revealed to be the spy as he and Doctor Octopus escape with Agent Venom as their prisoner.
84 06 "Double Agent Venom" March 20, 2016
After Doctor Octopus and Rhino have escaped the Triskelion with Agent Venom in their clutches, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider track them to the recently-returned HYDRA Island as Doctor Octopus and Arnim Zola work to separate the Venom symbiote from Flash Thompson. In order to get to Flash, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have to fight their way past Kraven the Hunter and the HYDRA Agents.
85 07 "Beached" March 27, 2016
As Spider-Man and Iron Spider pursue Vulture, their pursuit brings them to a nearby island where they discovered that Doctor Octopus has captured Sandman and has cloned him from his sand samples in order to find the "Ultimate Sandman" that would join his Sinister Six.
86 08 "Anti-Venom" April 3, 2016
Doc Ock and his new assistant, Morbius, create Anti-Venom in order to destroy the Web Warriors.
87 09 "Force of Nature" April 10, 2016
After achieving a mysterious signal from an unknown base, Spider-Man traces it to an abandoned building in hopes of finding Nick Fury.
88 10 "The Sinister 6 (Part 1)" June 12, 2016
Spider-Man faces the culmination of all Doc Ock's evil machinations when the new Sinister Six assaults the Web Warriors and S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy at the Triskelion.
89 11 "The Sinister 6 (Part 2)" June 19, 2016
When Doc Ock learns that the key to a device that will retrieve Hydra Island is at Aunt May's house, Spider-Man must fight to protect his family.
90 12 "Agent Web" June 26, 2016
When a battered Nova asks for help finding Nick Fury, Spider-Man tracks him to the dangerous ruins of an ancient city.
91 13 "Symbiote Saga" (Part 1) July 3, 2016
Spider-Man and Agent Venom uncover Hydra and Morbius' plan to create a new, improved venom bomb - the unstoppable Carnage Bomb.
92 14 "Symbiote Saga" (Part 2) July 10, 2016
With the Carnage Bomb already detonated, turning civilians into versions of Carnage, Spider-Man, Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy must band together to save New York.
93 15 "Symbiote Saga" (Part 3) July 17, 2016
Spider-Man and his fellow heroes have to defeat Morbius and his plan to use the Carnage Queen as the ultimate weapon for Hydra and Arnim Zola.
94 16 "Return to the Spider-Verse (Part 1)" August 27, 2016
Spider-Ham, Spyder-Knight, and Miles Morales' mother Rio suddenly appear at Peter Parker's house. Upon being brought to K'un-L'un by Iron Fist, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid meet with Nick Fury, Doctor Strange, and Madame Web who states that the shattering of the Siege Perilous scattered it's fragments to many dimensions, and if they are not collected in time, many universes will crash onto another, and eventually, all of the universes would be destroyed. Using the shard of the Siege Perilous, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are sent on a trip to the different dimensions to collect the shards. Their first stop is a vampire-infested world where they must help the vampire hunting superhero Blood Spider get the first shard from the Lizard King and his most trusted hunter Wolf. The Lizard King plans to use the Siege Perilous shard to block the sun so the vampires can rule the Earth. Although Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are able to save the day and revert all the vampires back to normal, they find out that Wolf is a Spider himself and is from a different parallel world and is collecting the shards in order to rule the multiverse and he knows Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker.
95 17 "Return to the Spider-Verse (Part 2)" September 3, 2016
Spider-Man and Miles, tracking the missing pieces of the Siege Perilous, travel to a tropical Pirate dimension, where they meet Web Beard, the Spider-Pirate.
96 18 "Return to the Spider-Verse (Part 3)" September 10, 2016
Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid arrive in the Noir Universe where they have to prevent Mr. Negative from using the Siege Perilous to drain all the life and color out of the world.
97 19 "Return to the Spider-Verse (Part 4)" September 17, 2016
Spider-Man, having collected all of the shards of the Siege Perilous, returns to Miles Morales' universe and finally confronts Wolf Spider.
98 20 "Strange Little Halloween" October 1, 2016
When trick-or-treaters start turning into monsters, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Ant-Man must team up to stop Baron Mordo.
99 21 "Spider Slayers (Part 1)" October 8, 2016
Spider-Man must team with the former traitor, Scarlet Spider, to stop Doc Ock from reawakening a secret program designed to create evil duplicates of Spider-Man.
100 22 "Spider Slayers (Part 2)" October 15, 2016
Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have to infiltrate the sunken Hydra Island so Scarlet can destroy the lab that created him.
101 23 "Spider Slayers (Part 3)" October 22, 2016
Spider-Man puts the Triskelion on lockdown when a mysterious villain begins to take out the heroes one at a time.
102 24 "The Moon Knight Before Christmas" December 17, 2016
While house-sitting on Christmas Eve, Spider-Man is forced to team up with Moon Knight to defend the home from the new Mysterio.
103 25 "Graduation Day (Part 1)" January 7, 2017
As Peter Parker prepares to graduate from S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, he is visited by Doctor Octopus who threatens to harm Aunt May if he puts on the Spider-Man costume again. Spider-Man refuses to agree and puts Aunt May in protective S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. After rounding up Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, and Rhino as well as turning Crossbones into a Lizard, Doctor Octopus allows himself to be incarcerated in the Triskelion's security brig. The graduation ceremony attended by the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Sandman, Nick Fury, Power Man's parents, Patrioteer, and Ant-Man. As he ends up breaking out while Spider-Man brings Aunt May to the graduation, Doctor Octopus and his new Sinister Six break free as he ensnares Aunt May. Spider-Man reluctanly injects himself with a serum to cure him of his powers in order to keep Aunt May safe. Doctor Octopus then takes control of the Triskelion where he places a contracting forcefield around the graduation ceremony.
104 26 "Graduation Day (Part 2)" January 7, 2017
The contracting forcefield is starting to close in on the graduation attendees. Desperate to stop the Superior Sinister Six and getting a pep talk from Aunt May, Spider-Man gets his original web shooters back from Aunt May and heads to Oscorp. With the help of Norman Osborn, Spider-Man is able to regain his powers with the radioactive spider in Doctor Octopus' hidden lab and confront the Superior Sinister Six when they arrive at Oscorp upon noticing that Norman Osborn wasn't there. As Doctor Octopus terrorizes the city, Spider-Man uses the same serum on Vulture, Crossbones, and Rhino to depower them while also defeating Kraven the Hunter and Scorpion. Doctor Octopus then turns himself into a mindless giant octopus-like creature. Using the serum, Spider-Man turns Doctor Octopus back to normal who tells Spider-Man that even he doesn't know how to get rid of the contracting forcefield. Doctor Octopus cooperates with Spider-Man to deactivate the contracting forcefield. Afterwards, Doctor Octopus is taken away by Iron Man. Following the graduation ceremony, Agent Venom and Scarlet Spider become S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy teachers and Nick Fury tells Spider-Man that he has become the Ultimate Spider-Man after he stops Trapster. Peter Parker reminisces on his more inexperienced days as Spider-Man and how far he has come as Spider-Man and goes out to stop a robbery in the East Village.
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