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Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion is a superhero Disney Channel Original Series, starring Scarlett Estevez and J.R. Villarreal. It premiered on June 3, 2022 on Disney Channel.


The series (formerly titled “Ultra Violet & Blue Demon”) stars Scarlett Estevez (“Bunk’d”) as Violet Rodriguez, a 13-year-old Latina who is chosen by a magical luchador mask to be a superhero, like her uncle, Black Scorpion (J.R. Villarreal)[1]


  • Scarlett Estevez as Violet Rodriguez / Ultra Violet
  • J.R. Villarreal as Cruz de la Vega / Black Scorpion
  • Marianna Burelli as Nina Rodriguez
  • Juan Alfonso as Juan Carlos Rodriguez
  • Brandon Rossel as Santiago Rodriguez / Tiago
  • Zelia Ankrum as Maya Miller-Martinez
  • Bryan Blanco as Luis León


  1. The Violet Behind the Ultra
  2. You Like Me! You Really Like Me!
  3. Lucha Royale
  4. Sleepover Showdown
  5. The Legend of the Twelve Masks
  6. ¡Chisme! ¡Chisme! Read all about it!
  7. Ultra Matchmaker
  8. Ultra Violet Unmasked
  9. Cascada
  10. Lucha Rules!


  • This is the fifth Disney Channel series to feature characters who are of Latino descent, the first being Wizards of Waverly Place, second being Stuck in the Middle, third being Gabby Duran & the Unsittables, fourth being The Owl House.
  • This is the second Disney Channel show where Scarlett Estevez would be a main character, the first one being on the fourth season of Bunk'd.
  • This is the second Disney Channel show where Brandon Rossel would be a main character after Fast Layne.
  • The series was initially titled Ultra Violet and Blue Demon with Blue Demon Jr. set to star. However, Blue Demon Jr. unexpectedly dropped out, but the series concept continued with the original character Black Scorpion.
  • It will premiere right after the series premiere of The Villains of Valley View.
  • A teaser played during the premiere of Christmas...Again?!, which Scarlett Estevez has also starred in.
  • The trailer and premiere date were revealed on April 28, 2022, in honor of National Superhero Day.[3]