The Ulysses is a submarine vehicle from the surface world. It is developed by Whitmore Industries to serve as the primary transportation vessel in the expedition to find Atlantis. The ship serves as an iconic image in the promotion of Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

The Ulysses is massive, much larger than the average submarine in that time. It is big enough to house up to two hundred passengers and numerous other vehicles while still maintaining some moving space within. The bridge is located within a glass enclosure at the front of the ship, the glass thick enough to withstand immense pressure.

Although designed primarily for exploration, the Ulysses was also designed for combat in the event that it was ever threatened on its travels. It was armed with several torpedo launchers for self-defence, and had a capacity for roughly thirty heavily-armed Sub-pods in the event of attack. It also housed at least four Aqua-Evacs if it were necessary for the crew to abandon ship.

The Ulysses was featured in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, during which the expedition encountered the Leviathan as it neared the gateway to Atlantis. In the battle that ensued, the crew fought to free the Ulysses from the Leviathan's grasp, and its fleet of sub-pods fought to ward the mechanical terror off to buy the sub time to escape. While the submarine was designed to withstand a great deal of damage, it was clearly not able to take on the energy discharges from the Leviathan. The blasts proved to be too much, forcing the crew to abandon ship before it was ultimately destroyed by one final energy discharge.

Technical specifications

The Ulysses was designed for the sole purpose of finding the lost empire of Atlantis, and was constructed to be able to withstand any kind of obstacles it might run into on its journey to Atlantis, though the Leviathan proved to powerful. Here's a list of Ulysses's technical specifications;

  • Ulysses was 115 metres long, and weighed 18750 tons.
  • She was commissioned and constructed by Whitmore industries for the sole purpose of finding Atlantis.
  • Her propulsion system was made up of 4 Main SG-18 Steam turbines. With a combined output of over 36000 horsepower, they were able to give her a top speed of 19 knots.
  • She was constructed to carry a crew of 201 as well as all the necessary equipment for the Atlantis expedition.
  • In the event it may be attacked, Ulysses had 22 sub-pods, eleven on each of its sides.
  • In addition to 22 sub-pods, Ulysses was also equipped with three, high-power torpedo-docks with a total of 12 torpedoes armed with high-explosive 120 DH-11.
  • It was equipped with a total of 30 lights located all over its hull, with the two biggest ones forming two spotlights capable of turning 180 degrees in all directions.
  • Its bridge alone was the size of a three-story house, and was designed so that each floor had its own purpose in the overall function of the machine. Ulysses's main controls were located in the mid-floor, whilst the observation decks and orientation-room was located in the top floor.





  • The submarine itself was named after Odysseus, also known by the Roman name Ulysses, a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and a hero of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey.
  • The Ulysses was not named in the actual film.
  • In an early draft, the sub would have survived its encounter with the Leviathan only to be destroyed in a battle between squid bats.
  • The Ulysses is equivalent in size to modern-day, nuclear-powered, naval attack-class submarines.

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