Art Framagucci is a character from Disney's 2007 film Meet the Robinsons. An intergalactic pizza man, Art takes his job seriously to the point of taking on a superhero persona in his deliveries. He was voiced by Adam West, who portrayed the superhero Batman in the 1966–1968 TV series and film adaptation, which can be connected to why Uncle Art was first mistaken by Lewis to be a charismatic superhero.


Meet the Robinsons

Art first appears in the film running past Bud and Lewis to make another delivery in his ship, the Anchovy Saucer. He later appears at dinner, reminiscing over a delivery when the spaghetti arrives and participates in the battle against Tiny the T-Rex, briefly bombarding the dinosaur with pizza dough before it re-emerges and bites into the ship, bringing it down.

Meet the Robinsons (video game)

Art hangs out with his ship parked outside and enlists Wilbur's help to round up some creatures called Zumzats, which stowed away on his ship during a delivery. Later, in the alternate timeline, Art stops to deliver a pizza to Emperor Stanley, allowing Wilbur an opportunity to enter the fortress.


  • Art's last name was present in earlier drafts of the film before falling out of use in the final film.
  • Art off-handedly mentions his meatball pizza stopping a civil war on the Moon of Qward. Qward is a planet from the DC Comics universe primarily known as the headquarters of Green Lantern villain Sinestro.


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