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Original cover art for issue #1, as published in the November 1987 edition of the Cross Talk column previewing Gladstone's forthcoming titles. Note the differing title.

Uncle Scrooge Adventures is a comic book published by Gladstone Publishing under license from The Walt Disney Company. It was a companion book to the regular Uncle Scrooge title and, like the other comic, featured the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews. The first series, originally intended to titled DuckTales as a tie-in with the animated series of the same name (which Gladstone would later publish a comic based on), ran from 1987 to 1990, and the second series ran from 1993 to 1997.

The story Horsing Around with History in issue 33 of the second series won the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Comic-Book Story for 1996.

The Walt Disney Company chose not to publish Uncle Scrooge Adventures when they were publishing the comic books themselves. After the license returned to Gladstone in 1993, Uncle Scrooge Adventures fell victim to the Gladstone Implosion in 1997-98 along with most of the other titles. Gemstone Publishing did not resurrect the title.


The series was initially intended to launch in 1987 as a tie-in to the forthcoming DuckTales television series. The focus was to be on the works of Carl Barks and other Disney comics creators that inspired the series, not necessarily original works produced in response to the series. Shortly before publication of the first issue, however, Gladstone Publishing and the Walt Disney Company decided to drop the DuckTales name and re-brand the series Uncle Scrooge Adventures, in the same format as its intended sister title, Donald Duck Adventures.

Because of the last minute of the nature of the change, however, promotional articles using the DuckTales title could not be altered, even in the first issue of Uncle Scrooge Adventures itself. Gladstone would eventually publish a DuckTales comic of their own from 1988 through 1990.

List of issues

First run (1987-1990)

  • 1. McDuck of Arabia (Barks)
  • 2. Trail of the Polka Dot Parrot (Branca)
  • 3. Bongo on the Congo (Barks)
  • 4. The Golden River (Barks)
  • 5. The Last Sled to Dawson (Rosa)
  • 6. The Oddball Odyessey (Barks)
  • 7. The 12th Caesarius (Branca)
  • 8. So Far and No Safari (Barks)
  • 9. Ill Met by Moonlight (Branca)
  • 10. The Land of the Pygmy Indians (Barks)
  • 11. Crown of the Mayas (Branca)
  • 12. The Log of the Nancy Bell (Barks)
  • 13. The Twenty Four Carat Moon (Barks)
  • 14. His Majesty McDuck (Rosa)
  • 15. The Micro Ducks from Outer Space (Barks)
  • 16. The Billion Dollar Safari (Barks)
  • 17. Lost Beneath the Sea (Barks)
  • 18. That's No Fable (Barks)
  • 19. A Stitch in Time (Branca)
  • 20. The Paul Bunyan Machine (Barks)
  • 21. The Mystery of the Ghosttown Railroad (Barks)

Second run (1993-1997)

  • 22. The Prize of Pizarro (Barks)
  • 23. Uncle Scrooge Meets The Phantom Blot (Murry)
  • 24. The Little Gronins (Vicar)
  • 25. The Money Well (Barks)
  • 26. Back to the Klondike (Barks)
  • 27. Guardians of the Lost Library (Rosa)
  • 28. Land Beneath the Ground and The Man from Oola Oola Part 1 (Scarpa)
  • 29. The Man from Oola Oola Part 2 (Scarpa)
  • 30. The Golden Fleecing and The Lentils from Babylon Part 1 (Barks - Scarpa)
  • 31. The Lentils from Babylon Part 2 (Scarpa)
  • 32. The Lentils from Babylon Part 3 (Scarpa)
  • 33. Horsing Around with History and Only a Poor Old Man (Van Horn/Barks - Barks)
  • 34. The Money Counting Machine and Beagle Bug-off (Branca - Lockman)
  • 35. The Treasure Temple of Khaos (Verhagen)
  • 36. The Diamond of Duncan McDuck (Verhagen)
  • 37. The Colossus of the Nile Part 1 (Scarpa)
  • 38. The Colossus of the Nile Part 2 (Scarpa)
  • 39. Tralla La (Barks)
  • 40. The Rarest Dog in the World and The Hi-Tech, Low-Down Blues (Vicar - Branca)
  • 41. The Starkos Statue (Vicar)
  • 42. The Treasure of Marco Polo (Barks)
  • 43. The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack (Barks)
  • 44. Two in One and The Sheepish Rancher (Branca - Vicar)
  • 45. The Secret of the Duckburg Triangle (Verhagen)
  • 46. The Tides Turn (Branca)
  • 47. The Menehune Mystery A.K.A. Hawaiian Hideaway (Barks)
  • 48. The Great Steamboat Race and Riches, Riches, Everywhere! (Barks)
  • 49. The Diary of Sideburns Smew (Santanach)
  • 50. The Secret of Atlantis A.K.A. The Sunken City (Barks)
  • 51. The Treasure of the Ten Avatars (Rosa)
  • 52. The Black Diamond and Taking A Gander (Colomer - Branca)
  • 53. The Secret of the Incas Part 1 (Cavazzano)
  • 54. The Secret of the Incas Part 2 (Cavazzano)

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