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This article is about the 2010 location. For the 1951 animated location, see Wonderland.

Underland is the version of Wonderland used in the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and in its sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

It is a nonsensical realm populated by humans, talking animals and plants, and other magical beings. Laws of physics don't always make sense in Underland.


In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Underland is true name for the world Alice Kingsleigh once referred to as "Wonderland", but it is revealed that she misheard the name as "Wonderland" when she was a child.

Underland is a far more nonsensical world than the one Alice remembered, and it has a solid geography, divided between many regions, including Marmoreal (southeast), Crims (center north), Witzend (west), Iplam (center west), Queast (east), Snud (south), and the Outlands (far west). The Crimson Sea is situated directly north of Underland.


Down the Rabbit Hole[]

Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland 35

This entrance is located on the Ascot family property, in a rabbit hole in the ground by a tree nearby the mansion. If someone falls in the hole, it will lead them to the Round Hall in Underland. The hole is stuffed with furniture of many sizes, from small table lamps, a bed, and even a piano; some furniture is positioned on the walls of the hole, while others are just floating in midair.

In Alice Through the Looking Glass, the rabbit hole and the tree it sits at the base of are seen in a deleted scene, where Alice and Helen Kingsleigh pass nearby it in their carriage on the way to the Ascot estate. Alice points it out in excitement, and Helen tells her not to bring up Underland again. In the years since Alice's last visit, the tree has become overgrown with leaves and vines, and seems to have been retconned into a different location on the Ascot property than the first film.[1]

Through the Looking Glass[]

Alice Through The Looking Glass! 07

Similar to the rabbit hole entrance, the looking glass is also located in the Ascot family property, but inside the mansion itself, in Lord Ascot's old office. If someone passes through the wall-hung mirror over the fireplace, it will lead them to a mirrored office in Underland high in the sky above the White Queen's castle. In the commentary for a deleted scene, director James Bobin suggests that, as with the presence of the rabbit hole, the Ascot's property has some bit of magic to it, explaining how it has multiple entrances to Underland at all.[2]

Another looking-glass in Underland (specifically within a home in Witzend Town) took Alice back to the one within Lord Ascot's office. How exactly this one became a portal is unknown, making it unclear if such is commonplace or is specifically dependent on or even caused by Alice in some way. Time was unable to follow her through; in a deleted scene, he attempts to chase after her but bounces off the mirror, though it is unclear if this is because he is inherently incapable of passing through the mirror, the mirror portal closed immediately after Alice passed through, or his wide shoulder pads merely bounced off the mirror's frame.[3]


Marmoreal Region[]

The White Queen's Castle[]

Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland 12

This castle is where Queen Mirana lives, along with her court and army. Its architecture seems to be inspired by the pieces and the board of a chess game, and it seems to be entirely built of marble, with a predominant white color. The castle is surrounded by tall waterfalls, and large gardens.

Tarrant Hightopp's House[]

Alice Through The Looking Glass! 99

Located near the White Queen's castle, the house of Tarrant Hightopp rests atop a cliff surrounded by waterfalls and green mountains. The entire house is modeled to resemble a top hat.

Crims Region[]

Salazen Grum[]

Alice-disneyscreencaps com-9699

Salazen Grum is the castle and former home of Queen Iracebeth, who lived there with her court, servants, and army. The castle seems to be entirely built from stone, with red as a predominant color. It had gardens with many red roses and hedges cut into the shape of the Red Queen herself. After the Red Queen's reign ended, she was banished to the Outlands, and the castle fell to ruin.

House of the March Hare[]


Located in the Tulgey Wood, the House of the March Hare is a windmill in ruins. This place was once surrounded by lush trees and beautiful flowers, but is now a gloomy wasteland. This is where Tarrant Hightopp, Thackery Earwicket, Mallymkun, and Chessur enjoy each others company by drinking tea and eating cakes. Alice Kingsleigh visited this place when she first came to Underland when she was a child, and again when she was a young adult.

Gummer Slough/The Chess Board[]

Alice chessboard

On the Frabjous Day, this large chess board served as the battle ground for the final clash between the armies of the White and Red Queens'. It was also here where Alice Kingsleigh slayed the Jabberwocky.

Witzend Region[]

Witzend Town[]


This town was ruled by Iracebeth and Mirana's parents, King Oleron and Queen Elsemere. The region was populated mostly by humans, though some talking animals lived here as well. It was the original home of the Mad hatter himself, Tarrant Hightopp, his family, and their hat shop. The entire town and surrounding forest was burned to the ground by the Jabberwocky during the Horunvendush Day (the day the Red Queen took control of Underland), and is currently abandoned.

Witzend Castle[]


This castle was located in the Witzend Town and the home of King Oleron and Queen Elsemere and the childhood home of the princesses Iracebeth and Mirana.


Alice Through The Looking Glass! 139

An untamed land to the very far west of Underland. After being banished from Underland, an organic castle was made for the Red Queen here, staffed by Vegetable People like Nobody as servants and guards.

Time's Castle[]

Alice Through The Looking Glass! 13

Located in a void of infinitude, a pocket dimension within Underland, this is where Time lives. A gigantic, grim, dark, and uninviting castle which has a predominant black color. When seen from the sky, the building itself seems to act like a clock, with three gigantic hands (seconds, minutes and hours) protruding from it and pointing to giant roman numerals. There is an abyss separating the castle and the outside lands.

The Ocean of Time[]

Alice Through The Looking Glass! 14

The Ocean of Time is the place where anyone who possesses the Chronosphere can travel back in time. Its waves reflect moments of the past, and crashing the Chronosphere in it will take the one who is controlling it to travel back to the determined moment.


  • In Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, "Underland" is a Wonderland location.
  • The Outlands vegetable castle and servants made for the Red Queen are based directly on the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, specifically Vertumnus, The Four Seasons, and Four Seasons in One Head.
  • In Witzend Town, the buildings with thatched roofs have straw animals decorating them. Sometimes called finials, they are a common decorative motif in buildings in Great Britain used to deter birds from landing on the roof and prevent them from using the thatching for their nests.[4][5]



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