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The Uni-Mind is a mystical orb that appears in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins. It is responsible for the telepathic link between all LGMs. In the film, Emperor Zurg stole the Uni-Mind and turned it evil in his scheme to control every mind in the universe.


Physical appearance

The Uni-Mind is a golden orb with green lines all around it which light up. A ring also orbits around it. When turned evil, it becomes dark purple, covered in cracks. It sparks lightning and makes wailing screeches.

Powers and abilities

It telepathically links all LGMs across the universe, and is activated by simple touch. If touched by someone who is evil, the Uni-Mind turns evil as well.

Role in the series

Emperor Zurg invaded the LGMs' homeworld and stole the Uni-Mind, leaving the LGMs no longer able to think clearly. Zurg then suborns the Uni-Mind so that he can use it to control the minds of others. His people begin constructing a "Mega-Ray" that will use the corrupted Uni-Mind to bend entire populations of people to Zurg's will.

After Star Command falls under the influnce of the evil Uni-Mind, Rangers Lightyear, Nova, Booster, and XR, who are the only Space Rangers left, journey to Planet Z to stop Zurg. Buzz hopes to restore the Uni-Mind's goodness with a simple touch, but it stays evil because Zurg rotted it to the core. Mira uses her "ghosting" power to take Buzz to the core of the Uni-Mind, where his aura of pure selfless good overcomes Zurg's contaminating influence. In moments the Uni-Mind is restored to normal, freeing the suborned peoples and leaving Zurg himself momentarily helpless. The unity of the LGMs is restored.

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