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"Uniform, Uniformity" is the 12th episode of the first season of Pepper Ann. It aired on October 25, 1997.


Hazelnut Middle School enforces a uniforms-only dress code, and Pepper Ann's mom is hired to design them, which doesn't sit well with Pepper Ann.


Principal Hickey reveals that the school has received a new grant and that they will be employing school uniforms. Pepper Ann is upset over the news as she feels that her clothes are her identity and that wearing a uniform is repressive. On the contrary, everyone else at school seems to be okay with the idea, much to her chagrin, and Nicky reveals that schools that employ uniforms end up doing much better. At home, Lydia reveals that she was involved with the decision, but Aunt Janie supports Pepper Ann's idea of going against the establishment. Pepper Ann decides that she is going to fight the system and gets out in front of the school to argue against uniforms, only to be met with indifference from everyone. Hickey reveals to Pepper Ann that Lydia will be designing the uniforms resulting in Pepper Ann imagining that the uniforms will look like Lydia's mom clothes.

The day of the new uniforms arrive (white button-up shirt with plaid ties and skirts) and Pepper Ann is surprised to see that everyone is enjoying the new uniforms. Pepper Ann herself finds that she like the uniforms as well as everyone is now getting along, paying attention in class, and becoming more accepting of the school. Ironically, Hickey becomes disturbed by the new behavior as there has not been any trouble or mistakes since the change and believes that it destroys the character of the students. Pepper Ann is noticed by Craig Bean which makes her all the more supportive of the uniforms.

While sitting in an empty detention room, Hickey is mocked by his secretary Vera about being out of a job. Hickey finally announces to the students that due in part to "a certain red-head" (though Pepper Ann claims her hair is auburn), he has decided to completely drop the school uniforms much to everyone's disappointment. Pepper Ann feels that the uniform ban is her fault, but Lydia reminds her that she gave it a try and that is all that matters. While at the mall, Pepper Ann sees that everyone now wears the uniforms as a basic fashion. While bothered at first, Pepper Ann accepts it as she and Milo head off to hang out.


Desk Gag

"All right, kiwi lip balm!"



  • Pepper Ann and Nikki pass by a nerdy boy who gives them the Vulcan salute.
  • When Milo calls Pepper Ann "Brave New Girl", he could be referencing the Aldous Huxley novel Brave New World which was about a society that had "perfected" itself by having everyone follow certain laws.
  • According to Milo, as of the events of the episode, Pepper Ann had been wearing her current prescription for eight months and six days.

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