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The United Realms is the universal setting in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. It is set in a fantasy world, one where all the inhabitants are mythical creatures where they all live in a world without humans.


In ancient times, the United Realms was full of wonder and magic. Wilden Lightfoot watched over the land of mythical creatures as a wizard and the magic helped all the inhabitants in need. However, magic was slowly fading away as it was difficult to master. As modern technology evolved across the United Realms to make it easier, magic begins slowly fading away as technology slowly rises across the United Realms, making magic very rare to discover.

When magic is brought back to the United Realms thanks to Ian and Barley's plan to revive their late father, technology now starts changing with magic back in the world. Thanks to Ian and Barley, the United Realms started changing with magic back in the mythical world.

Points of Interests

  • The Brave Wilderness - A large, vast forest. Next to the Brave Wilderness area is the Loch Lake. Seen only on the United Realms map.
  • Loch Lake - A lake named after Loch Ness. It is located in the Brave Wilderness area. Seen only on the United Realms map.
  • New Mushroomton - A city where all the households houses have mushroom tops on them. It is the place where the Lightfoot family lives. Its borders consist of Knolling Hills and Path of Peril.
  • Knolling Hills - A faraway area accessed after leaving New Mushroomton. Seen only on the United Realms map.
  • Path of Peril - A large, suburban location accessed after leaving New Mushroomton. Far from the Path of Peril is Raven's Point where numerous raven statues inhabit the area.
  • Harpshire - Seen only on the United Realms map.
  • Untold Caverns - Seen only on the United Realms map.
  • Raven's Point - An area near the Path of Peril. Most of the objects seen here are raven statues.
  • Road of Ruin - A dangerous area only mentioned by Barley Lightfoot. Not seen on the map.


  • References to Scotland include:
    • The Brave Wilderness is named after the 2012 Disney/Pixar film Brave. The film takes place in medieval Scotland where the protagonist Merida refuses to marry a prince and decides to enjoy freedom.
    • One of the locations in the film is named "Loch Lake". "Loch" is the Scottish word for "lake"; interestingly, Loch Ness is the most famous lake in the world where the Loch Ness Monster is rumored to be.

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