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[[File:Epcot_Universe_of_Energy_Logo.png|thumb|250px|The Universe of Energy logo during its original run.]]
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'''Universe of Energy''' is a former attraction at [[Epcot]], which opened in [[1982]] and closed in [[1996]], when it was transformed into [[Ellen's Energy Adventure]].
==Attraction description==
The original ''Universe of Energy'' pavilion itself was an innovation in energy technology, as the entire roof was covered in 80,000 photovoltaic solar cells that partially powered the ride vehicles. Visitors were transported through the pavilion in large battery-powered "traveling theatre cars" that followed guide-wires embedded in the floor as opposed to riding along conventional ride tracks. The original attraction featured numerous films that presented information on the subject of energy in a serious fashion as well as a ride through a primeval diorama complete with audio-animatronic dinosaurs.
===='''Pre-show Theatre Film (audience standing)'''====
The original pre-show featured a unique eight minute film presentation known as the "Kinetic Mosaic," which was invented by Czech film director Emil Radok(see link below for video). The film was narrated by actor Vic Perrin. The mosaic screen consisted of 100 rotating prism-shaped flip screens (reminiscent of those on the classic game show ''Concentration''), arranged in a twenty five wide by four high array. These flip screens rotated under computer control and were synchronized to a live-action motion picture that was projected onto their surface. Each flip screen contained three sides with white projection surfaces on two sides and a matte black surface on the third. The combination of the film and the screens' rotation created undulating, sometimes three-dimensional-appearing images. During the conclusion of the pre-show, the song "[[Energy (You Make the World Go Round)]]" was played.
===='''Theatre I Film (audience seated)'''====
Upon entering the theatre, guests were seated in one of six sections. The seating area rotated 180 degrees to face three large movie screens for the first film: a four minute hand-animated film that depicted the beginnings of life on earth and the formation of fossil fuels. This film was also narrated by Vic Perrin.
===='''Primeval Diorama (audience seated)'''====
At the conclusion of the film, the seating area rotated once again to face a curtain, which then raised to reveal a primeval diorama. The entire seating area moved into the diorama where it then broke apart into six multi-passenger vehicles that took guests on a seven minute journey through the diorama, which was populated by numerous animatronic dinosaurs including an Edaphosaurus and a family of [[Brachiosaurus]] in a swamp (complete with realistic "swampy" smell), a [[Stegosaurus]] fighting an Allosaurus on an overhead cliff, several Trachodon bathing beneath a waterfall, a number of [[Ornithomimus]] watching helplessly as one of their own sank into a boiling tar pit, an Elasmosaurus that lashed out of a tidal pool at guests and numerous [[Pteranodon]] that were perched around an erupting volcano.
===='''Theatre II Film (audience seated)'''====
Leaving the diorama, the vehicles entered the EPCOT Energy Information Center where they reassembled back into their original theatre seating formation. Here, guests viewed a twelve minute live-action film on three giant wrap around screens that took them on an in-depth look at various current and future energy resources around the world.
===='''Theatre I Finale Film (audience seated)'''====
At the conclusion of the film, the entire seating area moved back into Theatre I, where guests viewed a two-minute computer-animated film of laser-like images that were reflected off of mirrored walls within the theatre. The film was accompanied by an upbeat song entitled "Universe of Energy."
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