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"Unreal Estate" is the fourth episode of the first season of Goof Troop.


Pete spends the money Peg gave him to pay the handyman on a state-of-the-art fish finder so he hires Goofy as a handyman to paint a real estate property.


Pete is sitting on his boat reading Modern Boatman magazine when he spots the Ultra-Fin Laser Guided Telescope and Fish Finder, which he wishes to purchase for his boat. As he plots how to secure the money while also trying to put up with Goofy's noise-making construction of a tree house for Max, Peg shows up and tells Pete that she is going out of town for the weekend and needs Pete to fix up a lake house that Peg is selling to a couple of buyers on Monday. She gives him $200 to give to the handyman, Dutch Spackle, as she needs the house to be painted "peppermint pink". The avaricious Pete takes the money and immediately uses it to buy the Fish Finder instead.

Peg calls up the house and gets an answer from Pistol who nearly tells her what Pete did. Pete feigns that everything is okay and Peg states that she will call Dutch over at the lake house to confirm Pete's claim. Desperate and with only $20 to spare, Pete hires Goofy to do the work for cheap, which Goofy happily accepts. Pete and Goofy arrive at the lake house where Pete immediately fires Dutch and takes over the project. He tells Goofy to paint the house while he relaxes in his boat so that he can finally catch "Ol' Steely Mouth". But when Peg continues to call to check in on Pete's progress, he is forced to keep lying to Peg about the house being taken care of by Dutch and that Pete is not fishing.

Goofy begins his work on the house and, with instruction by the How-to Narrator, he manages to get the house painted despite his clumsy and inept work. However, while Goofy is sanding down the door, the sander begins to act up and Goofy tries trapping it in a box. The sander starts overheating and a fire breaks out in the lake house's garage. Pete rushes over to put it out, but accidentally picks up a bucket of paint thinner and blows up the entire garage. At that moment, Peg calls again to reveal that she will be back tomorrow.

Despite his mistreatment by Pete, Dutch returns and gives Pete and Goofy a catalog for buildable garage kits, which they use to immediately order one. When it arrives that evening, Pete and Goofy work well into the night to build it. The next morning, the two realize that they were sent a windmill kit by mistake. As they try to paint it, a strong wind picks up and sends the windmill spinning, lifting the entire house into air before it falls into the lake. Peg then calls to say that she is arriving in thirty minutes. Dutch tells the two that there is a similar house across the lake that the owner is willing to sell. Excited, Pete and Goofy take the boat and head over to the neighboring house, only to learn that Dutch himself is the owner. He happily gives up the house in exchange for Pete's boat, much to latter's distress.

Pete and Goofy lower the house onto a raft pulled by a small motor-powered dinghy, which they use to transport the house across the lake. Dutch spots Peg arriving and they hightail it across the lake with Goofy the painting the house along the way. To make matters worse, the house begins to sink into the lake. Dutch then offers his strong paint thinner as fuel for the boat. Pete fills the dinghy's motor with too much paint thinner, igniting the motor and sending both the dinghy and the house flying across the lake. At that moment, Ol' Steely Mouth ends up leaping into Goofy's face as he tries to hang onto the house and the rope connecting it to the dinghy. Pete walks across the rope to catch the fish, but they hit the original lake house and fly up onto the shore. The house lands safely on the ground, on top of Pete, while Goofy is launched far away.

Peg arrives and is thrilled to see the lake house exactly as she needed it. Pete loses Ol' Steely Mouth but is affectionately thanked by Peg for his having gotten the house ready like she asked. He is then introduced to the buyers, Mr. and Mrs. Sherbert, who are happy to see the house. But, the couple then proceeds to have construction workers level the house, explaining that they only wanted the land the house sat upon. Peg then gives Pete a gift: a captain's hat for his boat. Pete is devastated over the loss of his boat to Dutch, but nevertheless, he and Peg spend a romantic evening on the dinghy as it is pulled by Dutch driving the boat. Dutch asks for another $5 to take them around on the lake for another fifteen minutes, and they happily do so.

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  • The episode's title is a pun on "Real Estate".
  • In two close instances, Pete's bare bottom is revealed.
  • The opening title card features a poster advertising Darkwing Duck comic books. Interestingly enough, the Darkwing Duck episode "Comic Book Capers" was all about Darkwing trying to create a comic book based on his real-life adventures.
  • This is the first time Max and P.J. are completely absent in this episode, though the former is mentioned.
  • Mr. Sherbert uses a modified animation model of Wildcat from TaleSpin.

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