Url is a character from Disney's 2000 CGI film Dinosaur. He is Eema's pet Ankylosaurus, who is trying to get to the Nesting Grounds.


Unlike the other dinosaurs, Url has a very doglike personality. When he and Aladar first met, he quickly warmed up to him, which surprised Eema as Url didn't normally warm up to strangers so fast. Url is also willing to follow Aladar's orders in order to survive.

Despite Url not warming up to strangers so fast Url is very friendly he is usually in a good mood happy, cheerful, hyper and very playful. Url is usually easygoing and carefree not worrying about to much but Url has shown to be scared of Kron he clears out of the way when the heard leader passes by and hides behind Baylene when he sees Kron. Url is also helpful since he was the one who helped Aladar and the others find a cave to help them get out of the rain.

Aside from being a pet and following Aladar and the others Url is supportive of the other dinosaurs. Url isn't fazed by much which is shown after Eema steps on him in the dark cave Url also remains more positive whenever the others seem to lose hope or become frightened. Everyone is also impressed with how relaxed Url is when he falls aside wishing that could be as relaxed and carefree as him.



Url is first seen when Aladar and his family run into the herd. He is accompanied by his master, a Styracosaurus named Eema and a Brachiosaurus named Baylene. When Kron, the herd's leader, finds a place for them to sleep for the night, Aladar and his family meet Url and his company. Url immediately warms up to Aladar, while his behavior surprises Eema as she mentions that he doesn't warm up to strangers so fast. Throughout the rest of the film, Url subserviently follows Eema, Baylene, Aladar, and the lemurs as they travel to the Nesting Grounds.


  • Url's doglike personality and mannerisms greatly resemble Spike from The Land Before Time.
  • In the 2nd disc of the Collectors Edition, David Krentz (the character designer) stated that Url was based off a Euoplocephalus.


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