aka Expecting my name? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME

  • I live in Expecting where I live? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!
  • My occupation is Expecting my occupation? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!
  • I am Expecting my gender? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!

My favorite Disney villain of all time.

Name's AcE Kim 115. Hi, how ya doin'?

My favorite pages

  • Hades: by far my all time favorite Disney villain. He is super funny. Without him, the Hercules (1997) film would suck.
  • Hercules: My all time favorite film because my favorite villlain is in it.
  • Anger: Mainly because he reminds me of Hades.
  • Mater : He's a funny guy. 
  • James Woods : For obvious reasons...he's the guy who voiced Hades.
  • Philoctetes: Like Mater, he's funny. "WILL YOU FORGET THE HEAD SLICING THING?!"
  • Lightning McQueen: Seriously, how can you NOT like this guy?
  • Genie: He's a great character. "An ex-nay on the wishing for more wishes"
  • Jafar: I like him. If you hate him, then you're only second rate.
  • Iago: His song "I'm Looking Out for Me" is a perfect song to sing when you go to college. "I'll be running this town inside a week! What's your problem, liver lips? You don't think I can do it?!"
  • Francesco Bernoulli: What can I say? He's also a great guy.
  • Doc Hudson: Doc Hudson is honestly a really good teacher to Lightning McQueen. Pity he's dead now.
  • Pain and Panic: They're funny and great minions, TBH.
  • I'm Looking Out for Me: Great song.
  • You're Only Second Rate: Memorable song for a villain.
  • Friends on the Other Side: I think this a memorable villain song.
  • Gaston (song): No one likes this Gaston :v
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