First Feedback idea

In the last year User:Hey1234 proposed to us to only use screenshots for the infoboxes from here on in, which was taken into a vote with high support. It has been a whole year now since we've switched to using just screenshots, and now is the time for a feedback to see what your opinions are now. User:SilverFlight also made a proposal to re-permit the usage of render images. This vote will decide whenever or not should we return to using both renders and screenshots or remain using screenshots. Whatever is decided by February will be final. So, vote carefully.

To help with your decision, the following text below are from administrators Hey1234 and SilverFlight.

March 12 ,2019: User:Hey1234

For the last number of years, the Disney Wiki has opted to use promotional artwork (or renders) as profile images for character infoboxes. A number of issues have surfaced over the use of renders, and as such, we have decided to move away from promotional artwork in favor of using cropped screencaps in our infoboxes.

Why the change? The issues that lead to this decision include, but are not limited to:


How a character appears in promotional art vs. how they appear in their respective films or show is a common point of contention as promotional artwork tends to deviate from the source material in some ways. For example, promotional art for Cinderella is often criticized for misscoloring her ball gown as blue instead of silver.

There’s also the common criticism of renders being “off model”, meaning a character looks different than they do in their respective film or show. Renders are the product of marketing teams, not the actual animators that created the characters as they appear in their respective films or shows. As such, it’s common for renders to appear inaccurately. This isn’t an issue for screencaps because it’s taken directly from the movie or show, thus the characters appear as they were intended.

Image source

Some users have the tendency to mistake fan art for official art. This leads to users instilling fan art into infoboxes, which is strictly against the wiki's policies. With screencaps, the source is never an issue because it’s taken directly from the movie or show.


Promotional art can be extremely hard to find, as they are rarely released by Disney outright. This is a strain for users, as it can take grueling amounts of searching and editing to find decent standalone artwork of a character. Screencaps, meanwhile, can be found anywhere. There are websites like that provides HD quality images from animated and live-action Disney movies. Screencaps can also be acquired from YouTube and other streaming services.


One of the main criticisms for renders (particularly on this wiki) is the quality. Blurriness, editing mistakes, the size being too small, etc. This is because most renders are not officially released by Disney. They have to be uncovered, pirated, and edited, which has resulted in low quality images. With sites like Disneyscreencaps, high definition screencaps of Disney properties are readily available, thus ensuring that the image quality is clear and crisp.


Most characters do not have renders. As such, we were forced to have a mix between renders and screencaps which gave the wiki a disorganized look and inconsistent identity in the past. With screencaps, this is much less of an issue as the vast majority of Disney characters (whether they’re famous or not) have screencaps that can be used. This creates a much more cohesive website.


Using screencaps gives users far more options for profile images. Few renders are ever released (with most characters only receiving one, two at best) and that limits a user’s choices when finding profile images for characters. Furthermore, in sequels and TV shows, characters often undergo some kind of transformation—be it in physical appearance or clothing. Using screencaps allows us to keep infoboxes up to date by having a profile image that depicts a character’s current state.

For example, in Season 3 of Tangled: The Series, Cassandra becomes a monstrous, blue version of her former self due to the Moonstone. No renders have been released of Moonstone!Cassandra, meaning that if we stuck with renders, we’d have to keep the outdated render of her Season 1 appearance in the infobox. Because we use screencaps, this isn’t a problem. Cassandra’s profile image was updated to reflect her Moonstone design. The same can be done with details like clothing. In Season One, Varian had a standard outfit. In Season 3, Varian was given a new outfit. Because we’re using screencaps, we can update articles to reflect however the character currently appears, whether its physical and through clothing, if we so choose.

Screencaps help the Disney Wiki and Fandom grow

There are two objectives when running a wiki. First, ensuring that the wiki is well-written and has reliable information. The second, is promoting the wiki to draw in readers and new users. By promoting the wiki, the site is able to grow and expand with new talent. It also ensures that the hard work of our users is seen and appreciated by thousands of people all over the world.

The primary way to promote a wiki is through search engines like Google. When searching a Disney character on Google, several links to different websites like Fandom and Wikipedia will be displayed. These links are designated using infobox images. As mentioned before, there are very few options when it comes to renders. As such, sites like Wikipedia, Heroes Wiki, and Villains Wiki (who mostly use renders for their infoboxes) end up using the same image for the same character. This is problematic. If Wikipedia and the Disney Wiki use the same render for a character, Google’s algorithm will only display the Wikipedia link. That prevents readers from finding the Disney Wiki article, thus limiting the site’s exposure.

This problem does not exist when we use screencaps. Because there are so many screencaps to choose from, we never have to worry about another website using the same image. For example, this image of Cruella De Vil was used back when renders were allowed. But because Wikipedia also utilizes that image, Google’s algorithm did not display the Disney Wiki’s page on Cruella. After we switched to screencaps, we were able to use an image of Cruella that was accurate, high quality, and different from what was on Wikipedia and other sites. And ever since, the Disney Wiki’s Cruella article has been one of Google’s top search results for the character.

Disney Wiki Image Discussion

The circled image is the one belonging to the Disney Wiki.

The same has occurred with characters like Cinderella, Genie, Aladdin, Snow White, Scar, Maleficent, Elsa, Flynn Rider, Mulan and Jasmine, just to name a few. The switch to screencaps has done wonders for the Disney Wiki’s exposure. And such exposure is not only good for the Disney Wiki, but also Fandom.

Things to know

With this new implementation, there are some new rules that must be adhered to.

  • Non-administrative users are not allowed to change profile images. Doing so will result in an immediate revert. If you have a suggestion for a new profile image for a particular character, read the instructions listed here to learn how your image can be selected. Note: Monthly submission evaluations will not begin until April 30th.
  • Characters from the Mickey Mouse universe (Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Pete, etc.) will continue to use renders for their infoboxes. Reason being, it is nearly impossible to find quality screencaps of these characters in what is considered their modern, traditional designs. There’s also the fact that many characters from the Mickey Mouse universe originate from comics, and thus do not have screencaps that can be used. So for the sake of consistency, renders are the go-to for these characters. This includes characters from spin-off shows like Darkwing Duck and Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (if renders are available).

November 12, 2019: User:SilverFlight

As you all heard before, the wiki switched from using renders to screenshots for all characters except the "classic" characters. After conducting a feedback assessment to hear the thoughts on the matter, while there have been ups and downs with renders and using screenshots, the new system of deciding upon infobox images is helpful and in need of tuneup: not good or bad, and it certainly has successes in the areas that matter, but after a year, there are still some things that can be renovated.

On that note, there will be some changes for the purpose of better communication.

First, the voting system will still remain for image decision. However, since screenshots exceedingly outnumber renders, there is some trickiness on deciding which picture is best for the character's picture. Thus, renders will now be accepted as the ideal character image in submissions.

Please note that we will strive for high-quality images, however, and by default, high-quality screenshots will be used if there is no high-quality render. However, if a good-quality render comes around, while it can be submitted, please run it through the administrators before you send it to image submission. The voting system will also be used if more than one high-quality render is available. In the scenario when administrators cannot attend to the submissions and poll results, a content moderator can ask for permission to run it.

So to reiterate, the voting system will now accept renders as submissions with assistance from content moderators should an administrator be unreachable. Changes can be read in Disney Wiki:A Guide to Infoboxes and Disney Wiki:Image Submission. Thank you for reading this post, we hope these changes will help you with image voting!


  • Which statement do you support? (choose carefully)
    • I support Hey1234's statement
    • I support SilverFlight's statement

Second Feedback idea

In the last year we changed to using only screenshots for the infoboxes, which was taken into a vote with high support. It has been a whole year now since we've switched to using just screenshots, and now is the time for a feedback to see what your opinions are now.

  • Which do you prefer?
    • Continue using screenshots
    • Return to using both screenshots and renders

If you have any comments/opinions you wish to share please do.

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