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  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am boyish female which explains my avatar
Anna and Elsa—Sisters before misters

With the help of Frozen, I went to the right path to love Disney once again.

"I'm just a regular person who loves all things Disney." ― My statement when people asks me about my life.

"Disney started it all and it gave us great life lessons and memories." ― My opinion why I don't support other animated films besides Disney and Pixar.

About Myself

  • My username is Blaze.andrews, and it's not my real name. Let's just say that I'm doing this because it's my reputation.... Like what Eugene also known as Flynn says "Well, a fake reputation is all a man has."
  • My personality is a bit odd. People often describes my personality as a mixture of Mushu (My funny side.) and Merlin (My kind and wise side.).
  • Despite that my username states me as a guy, I'm not exactly a guy. I'm a female; however, not just any female, I'm a boyish female. Just to make things clear, I am not a lesbian. I am a boyish female. There's a huge difference you know. If you're still confused, just picture Merida, Vanellope, Go Go or any other boyish Disney character out there.
  • I'm also the type of person who do not take things literally. Yeah, it's my professor's fault, but oh well. I also make sure that every Disney film I've watched has a lot of life lessons on it. I won't stop until I find one. Yeah, I'm a bit eccentric like Anna, Kristoff, and possibly, Wendy.


  • As I said earlier, analyzing a film often leads me into trouble, and here's the trouble that brought me on this Wiki, and this is about something that some people in my country complain:

"There is this one thing that’s been bugging me. Many people often ask why is Elsa isn’t the main protagonist? Sure, she may not be the protagonist, but she is also the part of this very phenomenal film in the history. Some people blame Anna for being such a screw up in the entire film. I respect their opinions, but these people are missing something very important. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of Frozen and as a matter of fact, I am certain that this film will be loved and watched for generations. This film has a wonderful story to tell not just for kids, but for everyone.

So, what exactly am I trying to prove here? Honestly, I have nothing to prove, but I’m here to tell you my interpretation of the film. How deep I understood this film.

Frozen changed my point of view in life I can tell you that. It taught me a lot of great life lessons and taught me the true meaning of love. Love for family, friends and others.

Let’s cut to the chase. When we first saw the film, we see Anna almost screw everything. People say that it’s her fault, but no. Just like her voice actress, Kristen Bell, said in her interviews, “people will relate to my character” and apparently, it’s true. I also loved Anna being the quirky, yet kind-hearted princess. Not to mention that she’s one of the few princesses who has this kind of personality. In my opinion, she is a great example of a regular person like us. In fact, every character in this film is very relatable, even Elsa.

Anna made a lot of mistakes in the film, but the great thing about it is that she will never stop until she makes things right. She will never stop until she learned her lesson from that mistake. Nobody’s perfect. It’s one of the film’s deep messages. That’s why Anna is the main protagonist, not only she’s based off Gerda and the story is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”, but it’s tells us how Anna learned from her mistakes, made everything right and learned the power of family.

This is one of the lessons that Frozen taught us, and probably, why it is such a phenomenal hit on all ages besides the songs, the characters and the story."

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