Cloverfield monster

  • My occupation is Destroyer of Worlds
  • I am Groot

''"The arrogance of Man is thinking nature is in our control, and not the other way around".

-Dr Ishiro Serizawa, Godzilla (2014)

Hello, and welcome to Cloverfield monster's realm of destruction.

About Me

Well, I am a very unusual person on this wiki. I like some Disney movies, but unlike most people here, it's not top priority for me. However, I do have a certain number of favorite movies that happen to be from their catalog, such as The Incredibles. That is one of my all-time favorite animated movies, as my list of favorite Disney characters suggests. But, nevertheless, I am willing to help out in any way I can possible.

I currently hold the self-appointed title of Disney Wiki's resident Godzilla fan. Because I love Godzilla. But, I'll get into that later. Anyways, another thing cool about me is that I happen to be very creative. I have a ton of ideas for movies and TV shows, so sometimes I may share them if I feel like it. I am also quite the comedian on this wiki and I like memes. I may post some random memes in the forums once in a while.

My Blog Stories

As you know, I'm quite the guy who can come up with all sorts of ideas for shows or movies. I will also be doing a large number of those here on my blog. For easier access, here's the links to all my works on my blog as well as upcoming ones I hope to do soon.


Big Hero 6: The Animated Series

The Sven and Olaf Show

Tetsujin 28

Hulk: The Video Game

Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

Godzilla: The Ride

Super Mario Bros: The Series


DisneySea USA

My favorite Disney Characters

Favorite Non-Disney characters


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