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My Pictures

Phineas and Ferb 104 days?

Day 1: Rollercoaster

Day 2: Mount Rushmore

Day 3: Race Car

Day 4: Backyard Beach

Day 5: Dude Ranch

Day 6: S'Winter

Day 7: Mummy

Day 8: Pop Star

Day 9: Thumb Wrestling

Day 10: Filmmaking

Day 11: Finding Bigfoot

Day 12: Treehouse Fight

Day 13: Time Machine

Day 14: Cirque

Day 15: Toymakers

Day 16: Haunted House

Day 17: Medieval Tournament

Day 18: Phinedroids and Ferbots

Day 19: Mom's Birthday

Day 20: Shrinking Submarine

Day 21: Fashion Designers

Day 22: Giant Ice Cream Sundae

Day 23: Monster Trucks

Day 24: Pirating

Day 25: Get the Band Back Together

Day 26: Being Secret Agents

Day 27: The Flying Fishmonger

Day 28: Chariot Race

Day 29: Ferris Wheel ("Bust 'em" episode)

Day 30: Water Slide ("Bust 'em" episode)

Day 31: Roller Derby

Day 32: Do-Nothing Day

Day 32: Find a Caveman

Day 33: Find Buford's Goldfish

Day 34: Mini Golf Course

Day 35: Teleportation

Day 36: Elevator to the Moon/Retrieve Security Footage

Day 37: Pin Bowling

Day 38: Rainy Day Story Time ("Phineas and Ferbenstein")

Day 39: Paint the Unpainted Desert

Day 40: Build Portal and Go to Mars

Day 41: Science Fair

Day 42: Rocket Ship

Day 43: F-Games

Day 44: Kermillion's Comet

Day 45: Animation Studio

Day 46: Rainbow-inator

Day 47: Lake Nose Monster

Day 48: Animal Thought Translator

Day 49: Aglet Awareness

Day 50: Growth Elixir

Day 51: Backyard Aquarium

Day 52: Gelatin

Day 53: Big Ben Waterslide

Day 54: Watching and Waiting

Day 55: Chez Platypus

Day 56: Care for Perry's Egg

Day 57: Video Game

Day 58: Automatic Baseball Pitcher/Help Meap

Day 59: Build Fort

Day 60: Paper Pelican

Day 61: Quiz Show

Day 62: Car Wash

Day 63: Find Perry

Day 64: Boat Trip (3 Hour Tour)

Day 65: Tiny Hide and Seek

Day 66: Boat of Romance

Day 67: The Baljeatles

Day 68: Pizzazium Infinionite

Day 69: X-Ray Specs

Day 70: Spa Day

Day 71: Time Travel Again

Day 72: Giant Bubbles

Day 73: Cheer Up Candace

Day 74: Help Candace Earn 50 Fireside Patches

Day 75: Contraption for Buford to Save Baljeet

Day 76: Being Detectives/Find Doll

Day 77: Picture Teleporter

Day 78: Help Jeremy Dance

Day 79: Reverse Engineering

Day 80: Atlantis

Day 81: Just Passing Through

Day 82: Help Plan Bob and Tiana's Wedding

Day 83: Cheer on Candace

Day 84: Going over Niagara Falls in a Barrel

Day 85: Anti-Gravity Fun Launcher

Day 86: Parade

Day 87: Sci-fi Film Marathon

Day 88: Help Alien Back to Space

Day 89: Kiddie Rides

Day 90: Space Adventures Marathon

Day 91: Another Roller Coaster

Day 92: Giant Tops

Day 93: Frozen Yogurt Machine/Steve the Chameleon

Day 94: Robot Rodeo

Day 95: X-treme Skate Course/The Beak

Day 96: Attend "Mayor for a Day" Announcement ("Build without Technology" day undone)

Day 97: Giant Aqua Primates (Hawaii)

Day 98: Surf/Help Candace Get Rid of Bad Luck Amulet (Hawaii)

Day 99: Self-Aware Robot

Day 100-101: Travel around the world

Day 102: Comic Convention

Day 103: Wash House/Self Balancing Unicycle

Day 104: Maze

Day 105: Make Dad Max Modem

Day 106: All Terrain Vehicle

Day 107: Tourist Attraction Skyscaper

Day 108: Rejoin Candace's Two Personalities

Day 109: Sick Day Video Games

Day 110: Rollercoaster the Musical

Day 111: Make a Giant Jukebox

Day 112: Candace Party

Day 113: Biosphere

Day 114: Build Giant Robot Dog/ Separate Candace and Jeremy

Day 115: Superspeed Shoes

Day 116: Hot Air Balloon Race

Day 117: Phineas' Birthday

Day 118: Shark for Harbor Day

Day 119: Moon Farm

Day 120: Supercomputer

Day 121: Fun House

Day 122: Make Candace's Phone

Day 123: Aerial Area Rug

Day 124: Hair Machine

Day 125: Bounce House

Day 126: Watch Grass Grow

Day 127: Giant Spring Toy

Day 128: Birthday Message to Sergei

Day 129: Mobile Road Side Diner

Day 130: Go to Second Dimension

Day 131: Skiddley Whiffers

Day 132: Tour De Ferb

Day 133: Football X-7

Day 134: Requests from Friends That Make Candace Thing She's a Vampire

Day 135: Ferb Latin

Day 136: Grow Mutant Potatoes

Day 137: Film a Christmas Special

Day 138: Going into Candace's Mind

Day 139: Giant Ant Farm/Whalemingo (that night)

Day 140: Huge Trap Escape

Day 141: Cheesetopia

Day 142: Totally Tools Spokesmen with Perry

Day 143: Giant Darts

Day 144: Ninjas

Day 145: Climb a Mountain

Day 146: Help Meap Again

Day 147: City-Wide Amusement Park

Day 148: Anti-Gravity Trampolines

Day 149: Trebuchet to Drusselstein

Day 150: Super Sprinkler

Day 151: Mom Attractor

Day 152: Brain Booster

Day 153: Baby Phineas and Ferb

Day 154: Jet Pack Volleyball

Day 155: Investigate Crop Circles

Day 156: Perrytronic 3000

Day 157: S'Fall

Day 158: Mind Flip Illusion Show

Day 159: Make Short Film

Day 160: Turn Any Solid into Liquid

Day 161: Creating Nanobots

Day 162: Flight to Africa

Day 163: Unconventional Vehicle

Day 164: Flight from Africa

Day 165: Find Crikey the Crocodile

Day 166: Ferb TV

Day 167: Quilting

Day 168: Ping Pong

Day 169: Black Out Contraption

Day 170: Debate Camp (Ferb)/Train Squirrels

Day 171: Tell Ferb What Happened

Day 172: Metal Superstructure

Day 173:Infinite Probability Generator

Day 174: Giant Tire Swing

Day 175: Fix Car to Take to the Doo Wop Hop

Day 176: Bee Day

Day 177: Dental Hygenosphere

Day 178: Backyard Hodge Podge

Day 179: Great Ball of Water

Day 180: Find Pinky

Day 181: Rutabaga-Mobiles

Day 182: Rock Climbing Wall

Day 183: Find La Chupacabra

Day 184: Isabella's Birthday

Day 185: Space Surf Asteroids/ Mission Marvel

Day 186: Grand Finale Light Show

Day 187: Obstacle Course

Day 188: Pyramid Sports

Day 189: Trojan War Reenactment

Day 190: Foam Skateboard Course

Day 191: Replicate the Gordian Knot

Day 192: Mind Swap with Aliens

Day 193: Candace and Jeremy Scrapbook

Day 194: Sky Tennis/Have Bad Luck

Day 195: Worldwide Summer Concert/Save Summer

Day 196: Extreme Batting Cages

Day 197: Giant Kites

Day 198: 24 Hour Music Award/Save Klimpaloon

Day 199: Giant Marionette Puppet

Day 200: Create a Giant Human

Day 201: Art Piece out of Takeout Food Packets and Utensils

Day 202: Taste Blueberry Air

Day 203: Steam-Powered Metal Detector

Day 204: Dentist (Ferb); Picnic

Day 205: Open Capsule

Day 206: Build Model Solar System and Race the Planets

Day 207: Father's Day

Day 208: Last Day of Summer

Episodes that don't count as days:

"Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" (All Candace's Dream in Perry's Dream)

"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" (Not Canon)

"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" (Not Summer)

"That's the Spirit" (Halloween)

"Tri-Stone Area" (Historic Story)

"Doof Dynasty" (Historic Story)

"Excaliferb" (Story Episode)

"Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchdoon (Story Episode)

"For Your Ice Only" (Winter Break)

"Happy New Year!" (Winter Break)

"Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" (Story Episode)

"Druselsteinoween" (Halloween)

"Phineas and Ferb Star Wars" (Not Canon)

"Night of the Living Pharmacist" (All a Movie)

"Tales from the Resistance" (Alternate Reality)

"Doof 101" (Back to School)

"Act Your Age" (10 Years Future)