New elephant characters at Disney too would be inspired with some 6 elephant family characters are Walt Elephant and Family to join their new friends are Mickey Mouse and Friends as the The Sensational Six and Big Hero Six will also be known as The Super Team Twelve!

  • I’m a very best and smart Disney Fan as an elephant character for you, I was waiting to join the Disney, Pixar and Disney Junior of the Animation Studios of making some new movies, TV series, new ideas and some wonderful new memories on a vacation with my magnificent drawings I did was amazing, and that I will never forget for rest of the happiest day of my life.

My Favourite pages of Elephant characters


Papa Heffalump

Heff Heffalump

Mama Heffalump (Winnie the Pooh)

Junior Heffalump


Mama Heffalump


Ma Tembo


Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.

My favourite Mickey, Walt and The Heroes with art drawings, movies, and scenes

My favourite Winnie the Pooh with art drawings, movies, and scenes

My favourite celebrities of all the animated films, live-action, and television series

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