aka Whatever you want me to be

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Going on here
  • I am Yes
Judy Cop render This user is Zootopia's best officer.

Zootopia Poster
This user saw a modern civilized world of Zootopia.

Toystorylogo This user went to infinity and beyond in the Toy Story franchise.

Carl Frederickson This user crossed their heart with Carl Fredricksen.

LuxoJr Lamp 1 This user is a fan of Pixar.

Woody101 This user has a snake in their boot.

Buzz Lightyear Render This user went to Infinity and Beyond with Buzz Lightyear.

Flash Zootopia This user takes things slow.

Nick Wilde Pose Render This user is a clever fox.

King candy transparent This user went Turbo.

Mary-poppins-original This user went on a Jolly Holiday with Mary Poppins.

Haunted Mansion poster at Disneyland Anaheim Welcome, foolish mortals...This user saw ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.

Snow white transparent This user knows their prince will come someday like Snow White.

Bugs life ver1 This user saved the colony with Flik in A Bug's Life.
Queeen This user wants to be fairest of them all.

Olaf transparent This user loves summer.

Handy manny This user is hanging out at Handy Manny's Repair Shop with Manny and the Tools!

DISNEY Jake's Neverland Pirates FINAL 6-15-10 Yo ho, let's go! This user is a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
CaptHook-PP This user wants to defeat Peter Pan.

101 Dalmatians poster-cover art This user has 101 Dalmatians.

Aladdinhips This user's favorite character is a diamond in the rough.

Aladdin Platinum Edition Digital This user found a Magic Lamp in Aladdin.

Personajes-mufasa-1 This user is a king.

Timon 1 This user is lazy, but believes in Hakuna Matata.

Pumbaa Transparent This user has a gas problem...

ANGER Render This user is so ANGRY!

Princess Anna This user's heart was warmed by Anna.

Bingbong This user went to the moon with Bing Bong.

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