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  • I live in Bogota
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Amateur Film Director
  • I am Male
It's Kind of Fun to do the Impossible
Walt Disney

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About me

Dibujo Disney

A Drawing I made entitled Disney, featuring the main characters of Disney classics

IMG 0303

My collection of Disney Classics. Most of their titles are in spanish, since I live in Colombia, though I always watch them in English.

So, I'm a great Disney fan and I decided to spend my free time editing a the wiki. I have my own list of Disney Classics, those who I think are worthy of the title, and own man of them, as well as many other Disney movies. I've always admired Walt Disney and the way he made this a better world to live in. I'm also a really BIG fan of the Kingdom Keepers saga.

Pages I've Created

My Favorites

Favorite Disney Movies

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Favorite Pixar Movies

Favorite Disney Characters

Overall Favorites

Favorite Villains

Favorite Heroes

Favorite Heroines

Favorite Sidekicks

Favorite Disney Park Attractions, Shows, etc.

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