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About me and Fandom

The name is Fred, and I'm 15. I'm from Colombia, but I currently live in the U.S. Its been almost a year since I joined Fandom, and the first wiki I ever used was Hazbin Hotel Wiki though I can't remember why I joined in the first place...

I like Disney a lot so I decided to join this wiki too! I joined in April something.

I like writing books when I'm bored or there is nothing of my interest to read in my book shelve. So far I'm writing a book called "Olympus?" where I describe what the characters from the Disney film Hercules had to go through after the movie. Sort of like if there was a sequel. I called it 'After The Movie' Book.

Before I started writing about Hercules, I had another book called "Dreams Together". Not long after I started the book, I decided to stop writing due to lack of inspiration, time and resources. So of my school friends who were able to read the chapters I wrote claim that the story was good and wished I kept going.

About me only

Like I said before, I'm from Colombia. I was born on April 9.

I lived the first 11 years of my stay in Colombia but then went to Peru and stayed there for 5 months. After that, I went back to my country and stayed for almost a year. Later I moved to the U.S.

I was almost immediately put in school where I spent 2 days a week in an ESOL class where, to be honest, taught me nothing. I don't want to discriminate or anything, but I believe our teacher used us ESOL kids to do packing and moving boxes instead of actually teaching us English, but at least that part of my life is over.

Later that year I went to another school. Then I finished my 6, 7, 8th grade. I made new friends and a few enemies, nothing out of the normal. I had embarrassing moments but I also spent good ones.

I shouldn't write this but one thing that triggers me about a friend I had is that she faked to be my friend for 3 years because of something I said in 6th grade. 3. Years.


Now I'm in 9th grade. Friendless because I don't have my friends contacts and the ones I do have are too busy to talk so~

My favorite Disney...stuff

I have...Loved...Disney for a long time, and I think everyone else has too, you can't deny it. I love animation and I actually plan on working for Disney as an animator on the future. I think what fascinates me the most is how with a bunch of drawings a.k.a frames, you can create different characters, world and so much more!

From your sister

"Dear Fred,

I have noticed you invaded my page and so I decided to return the favor. So here I am, editing whatever I can before you came back.



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