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My name is Kristi, and I am 22-years-old (as of 2020). I used to be very active on this wiki. I love adding info and editing. I really miss when Chat was full and lively, now it’s basically empty.

About Me

I love the first 5 Disney Princess films, as well as Tangled, and definitely Frozen. I also love the Sofia the First film and its sitcom, and the Disney Fairies franchise.

  • I have seen all of my favorite Disney Princess film, especially Frozen.
  • I have seen every Sofia the First episode, and have seen them in order.
  • Descendants is my top favorite live-action Disney film from 2015.
  • When I was little, back when Playhouse Disney was still alive, I used to watch Disney Channel all day long all the time. Or, most of the time.
My Favorite Disney Characters

A list of my favorite Disney characters.

My Favorite Disney Princesses:

My Favorite Disney Princes:

My Favorite Disney Villains:

My Favorite Disney Fairies:


My Favorite Sofia the First Characters:
  • Princess Sofia, the daughter of Queen Miranda and the stepdaughter of King Roland II, the stepsister of fraternal twins Princess Amber and Prince James
  • Princess Amber, Prince James' fraternal twin sister and Sofia's stepsister
  • Prince James, Princess Amber's fraternal twin brother and Sofia's stepbrother
  • Princess Hildegard
  • Princess Cleo
  • King Roland II, Princess Sofia's stepfather, her mother's husband, and her stepsiblings' father
  • Queen Miranda, the mother of Princess Sofia, wife of King Roland II, stepmother of Princess Amber and Prince James
  • Clover, Princess Sofia's friend and pet rabbit

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Anna high-resolution.jpg For the first time in forever, this user got what they were dreaming of.

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Pages I Created
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*The Flying Crown
*The Ghostly Gala
*Scrambled Pets
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*Two by Two
*A Tale of Two Sisters
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*Rocky Road
*The Apprentice
*Breaking Glass
*Family Business (Once Upon a Time)
*The Snow Queen (Once Upon a Time)
*November 10
*Brittany Aarons
*Loretta Modern
*Evie's Explosion of Taste
Miscellaneous Stuff
I would rather be a maid in a kingdom of a fantasy world than what and where I am now.
I would love to have a cat like Duchess.
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