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Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31865565-2560-1440.jpg This user is a HUGE Disney fan.

WaltDisney-Portada.jpg This user admires Walt Disney.

LuxoJr Lamp 1.jpg This user is a fan of Pixar.

Toon Disney-1-.png This user misses a TV channel built from the best toons, Toon Disney.


Dumbo poster.png This user had just seen an elephant fly in Dumbo.

Bambi DiamondEdition.jpg This user saw the new prince born in Bambi.

Bambi II.jpg This user saw the young prince and his father together in Bambi II.

Peter-Pan-Diamond-Edition-Poster.jpg This user flew to Neverland in Peter Pan.

Lady and the Tramp poster.jpg This user watched the romance in Lady and the Tramp.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit poster.jpg This user saved Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition 2013.png This user went on an undersea adventure in The Little Mermaid.

Beauty and the Beast (Diamond Edition 2010).jpg This user watched a ballroom dance in Beauty and the Beast.

Aladdin Platinum Edition Digital .jpg This user found a Magic Lamp in Aladdin.

Lion King 3D poster.jpg This user found their place in the circle of life in The Lion King.

The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride.jpg This user met Simba's daughter in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

Pocahontasposter.jpg This user loves the film Pocahontas.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame- 1996.jpg This user rang the bells in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Hercules.png This user went zero to hero in Hercules.

Mulan 1999 Cover.jpg This user saved all of China with Mulan.

Grooveposter.jpg This user enjoyed The Emperor's New Groove.

Treasure Planet.jpg This user went on an adventure to find the legendary treasure on Treasure Planet.

Lilo & Stitch poster.jpg This user rocked out with Lilo & Stitch.

The-Princess-And-The-Frog-poster.jpg This user toured New Orleans in The Princess and the Frog.

Home On The Range.jpg This user saved Little Patch of Heaven with Maggie and the cows in Home on the Range.

Dinosaur.jpg This user is a fan of Dinosaur.

Chicken Little- 2005.jpg This user saved the world in Chicken Little.

The Aristocats Poster.jpg This user went on an adventure to Paris, France in The Aristocats.

Bugs life ver1.jpg This user saved the colony with Flik in A Bug's Life.
Monsters, Inc..jpg This user worked at Monsters, Inc.
Incredibles ver9 xlg.jpg This user fought alongside The Incredibles.

Ratatouille poster.jpg This user cooked up a feast in Ratatouille.

Walleposter.jpg This user flew with WALL-E into space.

UP- 2009.jpg This user went Up.

Brave poster.jpg This user changed their fate in Brave.

Zootopia Poster.jpg
This user saw a modern civilized world of Zootopia.

TV Shows

Recess-1.jpg To this user, everyday is tender, like Recess.

House of Mouse Disney.png This user was invited to the House of Mouse.

Kim Poss.jpg Your basic average user is here to save the world.

Thassoraventitlecard.PNG OH SNAP! This user loved That's So Raven.

Vlcsnap-2012-08-17-17h04m19s230.png This user captured all the experiments in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

ADJL.png This user is a fan of American Dragon: Jake Long.

Wander Over Yonder logo.png This user explored the universe with Wander and Sylvia in Wander Over Yonder.



Mickey-2-psd16624.png This user is Disney's mascot.

Donald Duck transparent.png This user is temperamental.

Happygoofy.png This user is a goofball.

Minniereach.png This user is Mickey's lover.

Daisy8.png This user is a fashionable duck.

Plutobone smile.png This user is Mickey's trusty dog.

Bambi transparent.png This user is very shy.

Thumper.png This user likes to thump.

Tinker Bell render.png This user is a fixing fairy.

Olivercat.png This user is a special kid with many buddies like Oliver.

Beast image transparent.png This user roars with the Beast.

Bella.20.png This user looks beyond appearance like Belle.

Aladdinhips.png This user's favorite character is a diamond in the rough.

Jazmín.21.png This user is no object; they fight for the ones they love like Jasmine.

Genie5.png This user is best buds with Genie.

Cliprajah2.gif This user's favorite pet is Rajah.

Iago Disney transparent.png This user can be greedy, but they have a heart of gold.

Personajes-mufasa-1.png This user is a king.

Timon 1.png This user is lazy, but believes in Hakuna Matata.

Pumbaa Transparent.png This user has a gas problem...

Herccolored.png This user will go the distance with Hercules and become a true hero.

Megara transparent.png This user is just as cynical as Megara.

Mulan.16.png This user fights for honor with Mulan.

Mushu art.png This user is a guardian spirit.

Lilo1.png This user knows that family means no one is left behind.

Stitch Render.png This user is cute and fluffy.

Angel transparent.png This user is very fond of Angel.

Nani pelekai clipart112.png This user is a protective older sister.

Leroy stitch2.jpg This user has a big Ohana.

Hiro Hamada Profile.png This user is a robotics prodigy

Baymax Pose.png This user is your personal healthcare companion.

GoGo Tomago BH6.png This user is an adrenaline junky.

Honey Lemon Render.png This user is a chemistry whiz.

Fred Pose.png This user is a fanboy.

Wasabi Pose.png This user is a neatnik.

Cindy beauty.png This user dreams with Cinderella.

Ariel.15.png This user went under the sea with Ariel.

Pocahontas.4.png This user sees the colors of the wind with Pocahontas.

Tiana.13.png This user works hard like Tiana for what they believe.

Reuben (Experiment 625).png This user loves sandwiches.

Kim Possible Navigation.png This user saves the world with Kim Possible.

Ron Stoppable Mugshot.png This user is unstoppable.

03355.jpg This user is a naked mole rat who loves nachos.

Woody101.PNG This user has a snake in their boot.

Buzz Lightyear Render.png This user went to Infinity and Beyond with Buzz Lightyear.

Jessie.png Yee Haw!! This user is a yodeling cowgirl.

Mike Wazowski Render (1).png This user is now officially a college student!

James P. Sullivan.png This user is the top scarer at Monsters, Inc.

Lightning Mcqueen.png Ka-Chow! This user's a fan of Lightning McQueen.

Wall-e Render.png This user is very curious.

EVE.png This user is sweet, but tough.

Dug-up.png Hi, Jon825lazery7, my name is Dug, I have just met you and I love you. SQUIRREL!

Merida.3.png This user wishes to shoot arrows in the sunset with Merida.

Judy Cop render.png This user is Zootopia's best officer.

Nick Wilde Pose Render.png This user is a clever fox.


Aladdin-Jafar.png This user taunts street rats.

Hades Disney transparent.png This user hangs with Hades. Don't get him angry, okay?

Scar.png Long live the King...

Crueldevil.png This user loves fur coats.

Download (8).jpg This user doesn't think Kim Possible is all that.

Shego.png This user wants to rule the world like Shego.

Cliphome.gif This user likes Yodeling.

Video Games

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix 2 (Art).png This user loves the Kingdom Hearts series.

EpicMickeyLogo.png This user is a fan of the Epic Mickey series.

Kingdom Hearts Logo KH.png This user began their journey in Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 2.png This user fought the Nobodies and Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts Characters


Sora KHIII.png This user doesn't need a weapon, because his friends are his power!

Kairi KHII.png Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, this user will always be with you.

Riku KHII.png This user took the road to dawn.

Roxas KHHD.png This user's summer vacation is... over.

Xion KHHD.png This user is a mistress of Light... Or is she?

Ventus KHBBS.png This user's friends are his/her power, and he/she is theirs!

AQUA1.png This user's name is Jon825lazery7! Return my friends' hearts or pay the price.

Terra KHBBS.png What this user does, they do for friendship.

Axel KHHD.png This user is a master of Flame. Commit it to memory.

Lea KH3D.png This user wishes to live on forever. Get it memorized!


Master Xehanort1.png This user seeks to create a second Keyblade War.

Master Xehanort1.png This user seeks to create a second Keyblade War.

Xemnas KHD.png This user is a master of Nothingness.

Xigbar (Sharpshooter) KHII.png This user is a master of Space.

SiaxDays.png This user is a master of Moon. Now move aside!

Young Xehanort - KH3D.png
This user is a fan of the time-traveling Young Xehanort.

Heartless hires.png This user swears allegiance to the Heartless.

Organization XIII.png This user would like to join Organization XIII.

Nobody.png This user swears allegiance to the Nobodies.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness KH.png SUBMIT! Bow to the darkness, and bow to this user!

Demyx KHII.png This user is a master of Water Now Dance, Water, Dance!


  • I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. I have a hard time concentrating on things, I tend to forget things, procrastinate a lot, and, at times, hesitate.
  • I have Asperger Syndrome. I have significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication.
  • Me being mistreated and bullied, and interacting with some activities have stemmed into numerous phobias.
    • My most common phobia is that I may have agoraphobia. I get very uncomfortable in certain environments of the outside world, openness I can get used to sometimes, but being crowded its...different. Also, I'm very cautious about safety that danger is lurking around waiting to happen. This also include my need for technology, such as my cellphone, to stay in touch with the outside world. This phobia could also be a result of my other phobias.
      • Heights - I'm not a fan of heights and I don't really like flying.
      • Darkness - Usually I don't mind when I know who to navigate through my own house, but when it comes to buildings that are too large or openly places like a forest, I get...anxious.
      • Claustrophobia - I've exploit this fear when I was once stuck in an elevator when I was a kid.
  • To be honest, I didn't like how Pocahontas being paired up with John Rolfe in the second film. I liked her being with John Smith.
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