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Hi I'm Katie And I love Disney, Comics, Movies, TV Shows, Pixar, Characters, and Music. My username is named after a childhood name my parents gave me when I was younger. 🎶

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Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31865565-2560-1440 This user is a HUGE Disney fan.

WaltDisney-Portada This user admires Walt Disney.

LuxoJr Lamp 1 This user is a fan of Pixar.

830px-Muppets tonight This user believes in the rainbow connection of the Muppets.

Poohdig4honey This user loves honey like Pooh Bear.

Disney Fairies Logo This user loves the Disney Fairies franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean Skull This user loves the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Toon Disney-1- This user misses a TV channel built from the best toons, Toon Disney.

Disney Princess 2014 Logo This user loves the Disney Princess franchise.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(Diamond Edition 2009) 2 This user began with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Fantasia-poster-1940 This user watched the magic in Fantasia.

Bambi transparent This user is very shy.

Cinderella Render This user dreams with Cinderella.

Alice in Wonderland Diamond Edition This user went down a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

Peter-Pan-Diamond-Edition-Poster This user flew to Neverland in Peter Pan.

Lady and the Tramp poster This user watched the romance in Lady and the Tramp.

SleepingBeautyitunescover This user awoke a cursed princess in Sleeping Beauty.

Bcposter This user fought the Horned King in The Black Cauldron.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit poster This user saved Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition 2013 This user went on an undersea adventure in The Little Mermaid.

Aladdinhips This user's favorite character is a diamond in the rough.

Lion King 3D poster This user found their place in the circle of life in The Lion King.

Pocahontas Disney This user sees the colors of the wind with Pocahontas.

Muppet Treasure Island poster This user went on the adventure of a lifetime in Muppet Treasure Island.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame- 1996 This user rang the bells in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Herccolored This user will go the distance with Hercules and become a true hero.

Grooveposter This user enjoyed The Emperor's New Groove.

Tangled rapunzel poster 20 This user got Tangled.

Ralphnew002 This user game-jumped into Wreck-It Ralph.

Oz-The-Great-And-Powerful-2013 This user witnessed the beginning of the great wizard in Oz: The Great and Powerful.

PLANES FILM VertPoster 550 11 This user soared the skies in Planes.

Frozen ver6 xlg This user fell into the icy world of Frozen.

Maleficent-(2014)-50 This user has seen the true story in Maleficent.

Bambi II This user saw the young prince and his father together in Bambi II.

The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride This user met Simba's daughter in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

Home On The Range This user saved Little Patch of Heaven with Maggie and the cows in Home on the Range.

Chicken Little- 2005 This user saved the world in Chicken Little.

The Aristocats Poster This user went on an adventure to Paris, France in The Aristocats.

Big Hero 6 film poster This user met the superhero group known as Big Hero 6 and fought Yokai with them.

Mary-poppins-original This user went on a Jolly Holiday with Mary Poppins.

Bedknobs and broomsticks This user used a magic bedknob in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Finding Nemo- 2003 This user dove into the ocean in Finding Nemo.

Incredibles ver9 xlg This user fought alongside The Incredibles.

Ratatouille poster This user cooked up a feast in Ratatouille.

Walleposter This user flew with WALL-E into space.

UP- 2009 This user went Up.

Monsters University Poster This user enrolled at Monsters University!

Brave poster This user changed their fate in Brave.

DisneyAfternoonSoundtrack This user is a fan of The Disney Afternoon.

Ducktales Logo Every day this user's out there making DuckTales!

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers logo This user is a Rescue Ranger.

TaleSpin Logo This user is in a TaleSpin.

Darkwing Duck Logo This user likes to get dangerous.

Bonkers D Bobcat Icon On-Screen This user is Bonkers!

Recess-1 To this user, everyday is tender, like Recess.

Kim01 This user is a fan of Teacher's Pet.

House of Mouse Disney This user was invited to the House of Mouse.

Kim Poss Your basic average user is here to save the world.

Vlcsnap-2012-08-17-17h04m19s230 This user captured all the experiments in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

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