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I am MHarrington, and I am a huge Disney fan! I have been a fan of Disney for as long as I can remember, almost ever since I was born. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism, and it seems that one of my main obsessions has been, and continues to be to this day, Disney.

I own almost every Disney movie on tape, either on its own videotape or recorded off the TV. One of my great favorites are classic Disney shorts, which I have had recorded on tape, either from home videotapes or off of the (old school) Disney Channel (I knew it well...), or even both. As the quality of the tapes deteriorated overtime, however, I was worried I wouldn't get to see them much longer, for fear of ruining the tapes. Luckily, the Walt Disney Treasures and YouTube have helped out in some way or another.

I am especially fond of Disney theme parks. My very first trip to Disneyland was just a few months after I was born, and I have been in love with the place ever since. I have also gone to Walt Disney World and, at one point, to Disneyland Paris, this as part of a trip to Europe to celebrate the end of high school.

Like many people, I have a tendency to pine for the old days of Disney, which is why I am proud to be able to see some of those Disney nights they have on TCM.

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