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About Me

Hello friends, companions and Disney freaks!

The name is MisterPetey and I'm Disney Fanatic, my main expertise/addiction focusing on Video Games, animation and Disney Products.

I am just a run-of-the-mill kind of User on this here Wikia, but my main aim is to keep the peace in the Chat Room, make sure punctuation is correct within the pages and ultimately, make sure the information is correct and everyone has a great time! If you would like to know anything more, drop me a message anytime!

Also, as a small side-note, I would like to thank my good friend SilverFlight on creating the signature on this profile!

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My Favourite Disney Films

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Because..It's Goofy! I first saw him when I was very young in the short 'How to Play Golf'. I was captivated by his hilarious clumsiness and just...'Goofyness'! I believe I am quite like him through his loyalty to his two best friends and companions Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. And I am also quite a clumsy, dull-witted person!


Now, looking at my profile picture, you will always notice Stitch is in it one way or another. That is because I love this little guy! Ever since I saw his film Lilo and Stitch at the cinema on opening day in the UK, I have always admired the crazy lil' alien. he is mischievous, a little terror sometimes, but his loyalty towards family in the film has a lot of meaning in my life. So much so I have him tattooed on my chest with his famous word of 'Ohana'.

I also own a lot of Stitch merchandise whether it be stuffed toys, ornaments, Disney Infinty figure or action figures. As I visit Disney parks, I hope to collect more Stitch Memorabilia.


There is something about the little donkey that catches everyone's eye and makes them feel all gooey inside. He makes you want to give him a great big, squeezable hug. He is faithful to his friends and even though he comes across as a bit of a grump, he seems to enjoy himself being in that mood.

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