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Hi, I'm MrAwesome300. I'm an addict on everything at Walt Disney World, but especially the costumed characters. In fact, I want to have a summer job in the parks when I get out of high school. I'm a frequent editor who may help out from time to time, but the best guess is I'll be on other wikis. Thanks for finding my pages and reading!


So I'm a big character freak of Disney World, and when I go there yearly, I try my hardest to meet as many as I can, get autographs, etc. So if you're a character freak like me, here's my complete guide to finding characters in Walt Disney World, and also their rare appearance.

First of all, the rare characters include:

Roger Rabbit (possibly the rarest. Barely ever seen, sometimes in Disneyland for holiday events like Easter, though. If you went in the early 90s, you would have had better chances of meeting Roger.)

Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, etc.


Robin Hood, Prince John, Maid Marian, etc.



Doug Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise, Stanley (character), Kim Possible, etc. (ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO MEET THEM. I bet their costumes were thrown away, actually.)

How to Meet These Characters and More

Mickey and the gang: The main Disney gang is the easiest to meet, they're at every park and at respective places. I think the easiest out of the bunch to meet is Goofy and the hardest may be Daisy, who's been recently pulled out of Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

Pixar Characters: Depends which character. Most of them are in Hollywood Studios (Toy Story, Incredibles, Monsters Inc). Some are harder than others to find, like Remy or the now rare Carl Fredericksen (however, you can still spot Russell and Dug in an Animal Kingdom pavilion where I had the chance to meet them).

Winnie the Pooh Characters: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are ridiculously easy to find, they are actually in every park except Hollywood Studios (which they formerly used to be in). Eeyore and Piglet can still be spotted in the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom and Rabbit is a rare character.

Princesses: They're usually in Epcot and Magic Kingdom (especially MK). However, Pocahontas is the only princess to be spotted in Animal Kingdom.

Rare Characters: They're pretty tough to find, but there's a lot of ways.



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