aka Jasmine Olson

  • I live in Utah
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is User
  • I am female

Okay Hello Admin a lot of the times people think I want to argue or complain is usually when it's my strong loyalty not read properly especially when it's my loyalty and a few more feelings for characters such as Reirei. I'm willing to share insight of characters like Reirei and others characters who confuse their audience quite easily, but I do accept other opinions there are just times young people think I'm saying no because of disagreeing when it's my skills of supporting those who probably feel bad and those who for sure are on top of who might be the most misunderstood in personality, or supporting because I split reality from fiction while sharing opinions not by the sight of the events and characters, plus misunderstood stuff like my courage of facing canines, and my compassion for canines. I'm not skillful at computer stuff but I'm useful when someone wants the numerous details of something divided, I also give compliments or advice when I have a hint of what could help a confused or struggling person. My will of being flexible about what to do or how to do things is my other unusual quality. But I'm one of your Autistic Users. on this site.

My favorite pages

  • Reirei
  • Rafiki
  • Baloo
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