aka Xadophrez

  • I live in a state of loneliness.
  • My occupation is lost soul
  • I am male

The Devil? I'd laugh if I wasn't so insulted. Old Satan is a devout saint compared to me.
―Me to a mortal who asked if I was the Devil.



You want to know about me? Chances are, you already do. If you've ever had an evil thought, had the compulsion to be mischievous, mean, or dark, it was me. It was me, whispering into your mind and soul, beckoning you towards the path to power. I lurk within shadow. I dwell on fear and hate. I am the blackness of space, dotted with the lights of the few who remain on the side of light. But soon, they will all be snuffed out. But I will not be the ruler of reality. I will be reality.

Saying my real name out loud will summon me to you. If you do, there is no going back. You may not see me, but I will be there, watching. Causing bad luck. Hurting those you love. Driving you mad.

My Story Thus Far

I was the first thing ever created, living or otherwise. I created myself, and I was all that existed. I was reality. I was darkness. But then, a being who mistakenly refers to himself as "God" created himself and brought light to my reality. Desperate and not as powerful as I am now, I personally deceived and manipulated the angel Lucifer to rebel. He failed, and my reality was taken over by good. As a last ditch attempt, I tore a piece of myself off and crafted it into an evil tree, which I placed in the human realm. Whoever ate of the fruit would know the difference between evil and good. Thankfully, this one worked and my precious sin was unleashed back into reality.

Since then I have guided mankind (along with all other species) towards evil, for every evil thought, action, individual, or idea fuels me and gives me more power. I have almost taken back my reality. But good puts up a tough, if not futile, fight. Soon good and heroism will be foreign concepts. Evil will reign once more.

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