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I grew up during the Disney Rennience. Disney classics were great stories like The Rescuers talk about faith the Fox & the Hound talk about friendship and Oliver & Company talk about companionship for me is The Rescuers & The Fox & the Hound. The Rescuers had great characters like Bernard, miss Bianca & Penny with a song with a deep meaning ( Someone's is waiting for you ) Penny was a girl who has faith and miss Bianca showed bravery & determination Bernard is a janitor who became miss Bianca co agent,brave, superstitious of the no 13 & always worried.From adventure, humor, mystery and singalongs Disney made great stories like The Rescuers was the first classic too get a sequel, Down Under didn't do well in the box office so a third movie was plan in 1994 John Candy pass away & in 1995 Eva Gabor pass away.Frozen fans wanted a 3rd movie since the sequel ending was a disappointment Frozen 2 did well at the box office but the ending was left hanging with no explanation, Frozen 3 be great movie where Frozen fans wanted to watch Anna wedding & see Elsa boyfriend Jack Forst. This year Cinderella is 70 & The Aristocats is 50 in November The Rescuers: Down Under will be 30

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    Snow White

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    Penny from the Rescuers
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