Hi! I am Purplecherries27. I love anything Disney ;). I am currently learning French and hope to become an admin at some point. This is the first wiki I have ever edited, and hopefully I am doing a good job!

Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31865565-2560-1440.jpg This user is a HUGE Disney fan.


WaltDisney-Portada.jpg This user admires Walt Disney.

Carl Barks.jpg This user likes Carl Barks' stories about the ducks and their antics.

180px-Floyd Gottfredson.jpg This user likes Floyd Gottfredson's serial-like Mickey Mouse adventure strips.

DonRosa-2.jpg This user likes Don Rosa's continuity-laden duck stories.


LuxoJr Lamp 1.jpg This user is a fan of Pixar.

830px-Muppets tonight.jpg This user believes in the rainbow connection of the Muppets.

Disney Princess 2014 Logo.png This user loves the Disney Princess franchise.

Toystorylogo.png This user went to infinity and beyond in the Toy Story franchise.

DisneyTVA.svg This user is a fan of Disney Television Animation.


Its-A-Small-World-Poster.jpg This user sailed with the happiest cruise that ever sailed 'round the world.
Hr avatar land 5.jpg This user explored Pandora in Avatar Land.

Magic Kingdom.jpg This user has been to Walt Disney World.

Disney's Animal Kingdom logo.png This user has been to Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Haunted Mansion poster at Disneyland Anaheim.jpg Welcome, foolish mortals...This user saw ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.

Disney Crossy Road Logo.png This user plays Disney Crossy Road.

Bluedisneystore.png This user buys stuff from the Disney Store a lot.


Raya and the Last Dragon Premier Access.jpg This user went searching for the Last Dragon.

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition 2013.png This user went on an undersea adventure in The Little Mermaid.

Tangled rapunzel poster 20.jpg This user got Tangled.

Frozen ver6 xlg.jpg This user fell into the icy world of Frozen.

Frozen 2 Official Poster.jpeg This user saved the Enchanted Forest with Anna, Elsa and friends in Frozen II.

Big Hero 6 film poster.jpg This user met the superhero group known as Big Hero 6 and fought Yokai with them.


Beauty and the Beast.png This user loves a tale as old as time.

Reflection 3.jpg When will this user's reflection show, who they are inside?

A Whole New World.png This user saw a whole new world and a new fantastic point of view.

Mulan-disneyscreencaps com-4832.jpg This user will Make a Man Out of You.

Toystory-disneyscreencaps com-211.jpg This user's Got a Friend in Me.

2008WDW-067.jpg Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life is for this user.

Be Prepared.png This user's teeth and ambitions are bared! Be prepared!

Elsamagic.png Let it go, let it go, this user can't hold it back anymore.

I Won't Say I'm In Love.png At least out loud, this user won't say they're in love.

ShinyUserbox.jpg This user is so Shiny!

Anna high-resolution.jpg For the first time in forever, this user got what they were dreaming of.

Tangled (276).jpg At last this user can See the Light, and it's like the fog has lifted.

Ducktalesmoney.jpg This user can't get the DuckTales Theme out of their head.

Be Our Guest.png Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest! Put this user's service to the test!

Owl City - When Can I See You Again.jpg This user's gotta know When Can I See You Again?


Jazmín.21.png This user is no object; they fight for the ones they love like Jasmine.

Ariel.15.png This user went under the sea with Ariel.

Tangled.png This user had the best day ever with Rapunzel!

Tumblr obs4ioAES01rdvdi2o1 540.png This user is a Wayfinder.

I2 - Violet.jpg This user is out of sight.

I2 - Jack-Jack.jpg This user has POWERS!

Snow White bird.webp This user knows their prince will come someday like Snow White.

Minniereach.png This user is Mickey's lover.

Daisy8.png This user is a fashionable duck.

Happygoofy.png This user is a goofball.

Donald Duck transparent.png This user is temperamental.

Mickey-2-psd16624.png This user is Disney's mascot.

Megara transparent.png This user is just as cynical as Megara.

Vanellopedisney.png This user is a little glitchy.

Anna is running.png This user's heart was warmed by Anna.

Elsa's ice magic.png This user lets it go like Elsa.

Olaf transparent.png This user loves summer.

Baymax Pose.png This user is your personal healthcare companion.

GoGo Tomago BH6.png This user is an adrenaline junky.

Honey Lemon Render.png This user is a chemistry whiz.


DuckTales 2017 logo.png This user has returned for some new Ducktales.

House of Mouse Disney.png This user was invited to the House of Mouse.

BH6 TV logo.jpg This user saves the day with Big Hero 6.

Tangled The Series logo.png This user saw what happened Before Ever After.


Disney+ logo.svg This user is a fan of Disney+.


EpicMickeyLogo.png This user is a fan of the Epic Mickey series.

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