aka Maurice Roberge

  • I live in Brandon, Manitoba
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Cartoonist and Artist
  • I am Male

Hello everyone! Welcome to my userpage. I'm Robergestudios, a cartoonist and artist. I am a big fan of Disney films, especially animated ones, including The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monsters, Inc., Wreck-It Ralph, and others. I also love drawing and watching films.

My Favorite Movies

My Favorite Characters

My Favorite Non-Disney Movies

  • The Angry Birds Movie duology
  • Antz
  • Back to the Future trilogy
  • Batman Tim Burton duology
  • Beetlejuice
  • Chicken Run
  • The Dark Crystal
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Ghostbusters
  • Godzilla (2014 film)
  • Goosebumps (2015 film)
  • The Great Muppet Caper
  • Gremlins duology
  • Horton Hears a Who (2008)
  • Hotel Transylvania trilogy
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  • How to Train Your Dragon trilogy
  • Ice Age trilogy
  • The Iron Giant
  • Jaws
  • Jumanji duology
  • Jurassic Park trilogy
  • Jurassic World
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  • Kung Fu Panda trilogy
  • Labyrinth
  • The Lego Batman Movie
  • The Lego Movie duology
  • The Lego Ninjago Movie
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action
  • Madagascar trilogy
  • The Mask
  • Men in Black trilogy
  • Monster House
  • Monsters vs. Aliens
  • The Muppet Movie
  • Muppets from Space
  • Mr. Peabody & Sherman
  • Over the Hedge
  • Penguins of Madagascar
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu
  • The Polar Express
  • Rampage (2018 film)
  • Rio (2011 film)
  • Shrek
  • The Simpsons Movie
  • Sing (2016)
  • Small Soldiers
  • Smallfoot
  • Space Jam
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars original trilogy
  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  • Zathura

My Favorite Songs

My Userboxes

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Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31865565-2560-1440 This user is a HUGE Disney fan.

LuxoJr Lamp 1 This user is a fan of Pixar.

830px-Muppets tonight This user believes in the rainbow connection of the Muppets.

Star Wars Logo.svg This user is from a galaxy far, far away...

MarvelLogo.svg This user is a HUGE Marvel fan.

Disney Villains Logo This user loves the Disney Villains franchise.

Pinocchio poster art This user wished upon a star in Pinocchio.

Dumbo poster This user had just seen an elephant fly in Dumbo.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit poster This user saved Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Aladdin Platinum Edition Digital This user found a Magic Lamp in Aladdin.

Lion King 3D poster This user found their place in the circle of life in The Lion King.

ThisIsHalloween In this town we call home, this user hails to the pumpkin song.

Toystorylogo This user went to infinity and beyond in the Toy Story franchise.

Bugs life ver1 This user saved the colony with Flik in A Bug's Life.
Monsters, Inc. This user worked at Monsters, Inc.
If-i-didn-t-have-you This user wouldn't have nothing if they didn't have you.

Monsters University Poster This user enrolled at Monsters University!

Cars-Logo This user is a fan of the Cars franchise.

Incredibles ver9 xlg This user fought alongside The Incredibles.

GuardiansoftheGalaxyTheatricalPoster This user stole an Infinity Stone and saved Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Big Hero 6 film poster This user met the superhero group known as Big Hero 6 and fought Yokai with them.

Ralphnew002 This user game-jumped into Wreck-It Ralph.

Ralph Breaks the Internet This user knows who broke the internet.

Zootopia Poster
This user saw a modern civilized world of Zootopia.

Donald Duck transparent This user is temperamental.

Genie5 This user is best buds with Genie.

Mushu art This user is a guardian spirit.

Jack Skellington KHII This user is the Pumpkin King.

James P. Sullivan This user is the top scarer at Monsters Inc.

Mike Wazowski Render (1) This user is now officially a college student!

Stitch Render This user is cute and fluffy.

I2 - Mr. Incredible This user has got some Incredible muscle.

Wir ralph character I'M GONNA WRECK IT! This user wrecks things with Wreck-It Ralph.

Nick Wilde Pose Render This user is a clever fox.

Kermitbanjo Hi-ho, this user is the leader of the Muppets.

Yoda pose A Wise Jedi, this user is.

Rocket Gotg Render Ain't no thing like this user except them!

Iago Disney transparent This user can be greedy, but they have a heart of gold.

Aladdin-Jafar This user taunts street rats.

Scar Long live the King...

Oogie Boogie This user likes to gamble with the Oogie Boogie Man.

Randall This user wants to be the top scarer at Monsters Inc..

Vader Lightsaber Render This user swears allegiance to Darth Vader.


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