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I'm a huge fan of disney and sti​tch
[[Category:Users who are Disney fans]]
My favourite  disney/pixar films:
[[Category:Users who are Frozen fans]]
*Lilo and Stitch
[[Category:Users who are Pixar fans]]
*Toy Story Series
[[Category:Users who are Pirates of the Caribbean fans]]
*Finding Nemo
[[Category:Users who are Marvel Comics fans]]
[[Category:Users who are Wreck-It Ralph fans]]
*The Fox and the Hound
[[Category:Users who are The Jungle Book fans]]
[[Category:Users who are The Great Mouse Detective fans]]
[[Category:Users who are Tim Burton fans]]
*Snow White
[[Category:Users who are Pinocchio fans]]
[[Category:Users who are Big Hero 6 fans]]
*The Emperors New Groove
[[Category:Users who are The Princess and the Frog fans]]
[[Category:Users who are The Rescuers fans]]
*The Jungle Book
[[Category:Users who are Star Wars fans]]
*The Incredibles
*Monsters Inc

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