Hi, I'm Ramon Evangelista, and I'm interested in Disney movies. I used to go to several Disney parks around the world such as Hong Kong Disneyland (which I visited five times), Walt Disney World, and Tokyo DisneySea, and Tokyo Disneyland.

But not just that; I also like other Non-Disney movies, songs, and TV series, and I love to play games and learn new things and read books.

And also, the only Disney live-action films I like are The Parent Trap (1998 film), and Freaky Friday which feature Lindsay Lohan as well.

My top favorite characters


Elsa is my most favorite Disney character, because her song "Let it Go". And despite being a character, I seem to have a crush on her. Well, I think everybody else does.


Now in her film, Frozen, she wants to get isolated due to her powers which would devastate her kingdom.

Besides being similar to Elphaba from the musical Wicked, she is probably similar to other Disney characters such as:

  • Wreck-It Ralph
    • Both are identified as the "misunderstood villain".
    • Their friends attempt to convince them to stay together again with the help of their love interests (Anna and Kristoff for Elsa; Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sargeant Calhoun for Ralph)
  • Jessie (Toy Story 2)
    • They have one braid each.
    • Both of them have powers to involve monstrosities (Elsa uses her ice powers to involve Marshmallow, Jessie uses her yodeling to involve Rex near the beginning of Toy Story 3).
    • Both are serious and tough, but are still playful.
  • Periwinkle (Tinker Bell series)
  • Belle
    • Both are studious and don't want to be threatened.
    • Both wear off-shoulder dresses.
  • Goofy (I know Elsa is intelligent, but I don't know why I want to compare between these characters; so I'll try to explain)
    • Both characters are single.
    • Both are sweet, but sometimes tough.
    • They still care for their loved ones despite being briefly angry at them (Elsa for Anna; Goofy for Max; ironically, Elsa scolded Anna that she may not be her mother but still the queen though the line was removed).
    • Both characters sometimes cause accidents.
  • Dale
    • Both characters are anxious, insecure, remorseful, and misunderstood at times.
    • Both encounter subtle illnesses (colds for Elsa, headaches for Dale)
    • Both characters accidentally hurt their best friends (Elsa to Anna, Dale to Chip)
  • Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
    • They are serious and have a good sense of style.
    • They have a partner/sibling who has a lighter attitude (Elsa for Anna; Bagheera for Baloo).


She is based on the true character that lived several years ago, and is interested in nature. In her films, she has two love interests in the names of John (Smith and Rolfe). Her real name could be also known

Disney Princess Pocahontas 2015.png

as Rebecca Rolfe.

The two Native American phrases learned from her first movie are "Wingapo" which means "hello" and "Anaa" which means "goodbye".

She I think is similar to Woody from the Toy Story series in which they are wise, adventurous, and brave, like what people during the frontier times should be.


She likes it when people behave well, can eavesdrop, and encounter peculiar situations. She also loves beautiful things such as tea, flowers, and cats and rabbits.

Princess Alice.jpg


Like me, she is talented and can do a lot of things like singing, dancing, drawing, painting, and reading.


Not just because she is single and pretty like Elsa, she is quick-witted and brave (which the film title indicates that she is). Like Snow White, she is interested in apples. Like me, she can also figure things out.


When I was a kid, I used to like Ariel a lot due to her perky character. And I still love her.

Ariel is probably very similar to the Beast. 

  • Both are provided by voice actors in the last name of Benson (Jodi Benson for Ariel; Robby Benson for the Beast) in all of their appearances.
  • Both stay in destroyed places for solitude (except that Flounder and Sebastian join Ariel when she sings "Part of Your World").
  • Both have sidekicks whom they must obey. One is more understanding (Flounder, Lumiere), and one is a cowardly majordomo (Sebastian, Cogsworth).
  • Both sing their songs in their musicals about loving another (Ariel sings the "Part of Your World" reprise to show love for Eric; just as Beast sings "If I Can't Love Her" to learn to love Belle).
  • Both were turned into humans at the end of the film (though Ariel was transformed into a human twice). However, they usually don't stay as humans during their time, specifically their film sequels and series.
  • Both forbid their loved ones from going to a dangerous place (Ariel tells Melody not to swim in the sea; just as the Beast tells Belle not to go to the west wing).


This mischievous, rambunctious, blue alien loves playing tricks and bantering with other people, especially in the Disney parks (in which Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo have the interactive attraction, Stitch Encounter).

Stitch OfficialDisney.jpg

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