Favourite (Disney related) things:

-The Lion King (The OG)

-Raya and The Last Dragon (esp Raya and Namaari. Rayaari 4 life!!)

-Moana (the titular character is my fave Disney princess!)

-Rayaari (RayaxNamaari, currently my 1st and only Disney ship!)

-Favorite Disney heroines: Moana, Mulan, Jasmine, Merida (love her hair!), Meg (the most realistic Disney character IMO), Raya and Namaari (obvs)

-"I am not a prize to be won!" (Best. Line. In. Aladdin. Ever!)

-The live action Jungle Book. (I really hope the sequel in development will one day become a thing!)

Have a nice day. :)

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