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About me

  • Country: Argentina
  • Age: 15
  • Name: Fernanda
  • Sex: Female

Likes: music, food and characters

  • Music: 
  1. Genre (Hip-hop, rap, dance, pop, dubstep, electronic)
  1. Artists (Eminem, BTS, Jimin 😘, Zarcort, Dr. Dre)
  • Characters: 
  1. ​Horror Movies (Chucky 🖕, Michael Myers 🎃, Scream)
  2. Action Movies (Iron-man, Marty McFly and Doc)
  3. SM; Stop Motion (Jack Skeleton, Coraline)
  • Food:
  1. Vegetables (Tomato, pumpkin, onion)
  2. Junk Food (Hamburguer, frite chicken, hot dog)
  3. Fruits (Tomato xd, apple, banana, orange, tangerine)

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